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Oscars 2014: Branches & 'Magic' Numbers

The rolls of the motion picture academy topped six thousand for the first time. All members were able to submit nominations for Best Picture. Read how the final line-up -- which will be revealed at 5:35 am PT on Jan. 15 -- is determined here. And learn how the nominees for the other awards -- as decided by the individual branches -- are arrived at here.

BELOW: The number of members in each branch that uses this system, followed by the "magic" number of first place votes required for a nomination. With five nominees, that is the total members in that branch divided by six plus one. If each of five contenders reaches this number, it is mathematically impossible for a sixth to get there.

Scroll to see the full list as well as the exceptions to this system.

Overall - Best Picture: 6,028 members/549 votes (but 5% rule dictates only 301 votes needed)

Actors: 1,196/197 votes

Sound: 418/70 votes

Writers: 378/64 votes*
* past writing nominees from other branches, such as actors and directors, can vote here too. 

Directors: 377/63 votes

Production Designers: 262/44 votes

Music: 240/41 votes

Film Editors: 230/39 votes

Cinematographers: 228/39 votes

Documentary: 210/36 votes (for Documentary Feature)*
*a special screening committee determines Documentary Short nominees, culling eight semi-finalists down to between three and five nominees using average scoring system. 

Costume Designers: 108/19 votes

The other branches -- Makeup & Hairstylists, Short Films & Feature Animation, and Visual Effects -- each use a different system to arrive at the nominations. 

Short Films & Feature Animation: 366 members: for Animated Feature, all academy members can take part so magic number to find five nominees may be greater than 62; for animated and live action short categories, screening committee drawn from members of the branch determine 10 semi-finalists; all members who have seen these films score them from 6 to 10 and those receiving at least 7.5 average score are nominees up to five in all. 

Makeup & Hairstylists: 135 members; at least 15 needed at special screening to determine seven semi-finalists; all members who have seen these films rank three and those in overall top three are nominees. 

Visual Effects: 323 members; executive committee determines 10 semi-finalists; screening committee uses reweighted range voting to find five nominees. 

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