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Oscars 2014: Branches & 'Magic' Numbers

The rolls of the motion picture academy topped six thousand for the first time. All members were able to submit nominations for Best Picture. Read how the final line-up -- which will be revealed at 5:35 am PT on Jan. 15 -- is determined here. And learn how the nominees for the other awards -- as decided by the individual branches -- are arrived at here.

BELOW: The number of members in each branch that uses this system, followed by the "magic" number of first place votes required for a nomination. With five nominees, that is the total members in that branch divided by six plus one. If each of five contenders reaches this number, it is mathematically impossible for a sixth to get there.

Scroll to see the full list as well as the exceptions to this system.

Overall - Best Picture: 6,028 members/549 votes (but 5% rule dictates only 301 votes needed)

Actors: 1,196/197 votes

Sound: 418/70 votes

Writers: 378/64 votes*
* past writing nominees from other branches, such as actors and directors, can vote here too. 

Directors: 377/63 votes

Production Designers: 262/44 votes

Music: 240/41 votes

Film Editors: 230/39 votes

Cinematographers: 228/39 votes

Documentary: 210/36 votes (for Documentary Feature)*
*a special screening committee determines Documentary Short nominees, culling eight semi-finalists down to between three and five nominees using average scoring system. 

Costume Designers: 108/19 votes

The other branches -- Makeup & Hairstylists, Short Films & Feature Animation, and Visual Effects -- each use a different system to arrive at the nominations. 

Short Films & Feature Animation: 366 members: for Animated Feature, all academy members can take part so magic number to find five nominees may be greater than 62; for animated and live action short categories, screening committee drawn from members of the branch determine 10 semi-finalists; all members who have seen these films score them from 6 to 10 and those receiving at least 7.5 average score are nominees up to five in all. 

Makeup & Hairstylists: 135 members; at least 15 needed at special screening to determine seven semi-finalists; all members who have seen these films rank three and those in overall top three are nominees. 

Visual Effects: 323 members; executive committee determines 10 semi-finalists; screening committee uses reweighted range voting to find five nominees. 


Gold Derby Odds: Top TV Races

Who will win this season of "Survivor"? When you make your predictions, they will become factored into our official racetrack odds that all users wager against to win prizes, glory and world acclaim.

The Amazing Race: Season 25 : #25.12 'All or Nothing'
Which team will win 'The Amazing Race'?
Adam & Bethany 5/6
Misti & Jim 11/5
Amy & Maya 9/1
Hell's Kitchen: Season 13 : '4 Chefs Compete'/'Season 13 Finale'
Who will win 'Hell's Kitchen'?
La Tasha Mccutchen 2/1
Sade Dancy 3/1
Jennifer Salhoff 7/2
Top Chef: Season 12 : #12.10
Who will win 'Top Chef'?
Doug Adams 27/20
Gregory Gourdet 5/2
Mei Lin 5/2
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