Goodnight, doll: Ronni Chasen at Gold Derby’s relaunch party

Just 11 days ago veteran Oscar campaigner Ronni Chasen joined us to celebrate the relaunch of Here she poses with Murray Weissman, who received the first Gold Derby Award for Career Achievement at our party at the Hollywood Museum. Earlier today she was murdered in Beverly Hills while en route home from a movie premiere.

Ronni and I had a close professional relationship through the years as she ferociously pitched her clients to journos like me for coverage. She was my “doll.” Years ago I had used that salutation a few times when beginning emails to her: “Hi doll …..” She thought that was a hoot and, being a playful personality, she picked up on it with gusto. Whenever she telephoned in recent years, every call began with her roaring, “Hi Tom! It’s your doll calling!”

Photo by Ziva Santop of Mathew Imaging

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