Hey, Dave Karger: Invitation to an Oscar Smackdown

Dear Dave,

Hey, I’ve got some beefs about your latest Oscar predix for best pix posted at the EW movie blog. Sure, yes, your top five “Best Bets” are solid (“Inception,” “The Kids Are All Right,” “The King’s Speech,” “The Social Network” and “Toy Story 3“) and four of your five “Possibilities” are very good bets (“127 Hours,” “Black Swan,” “The Fighter” and “True Grit”).

Your fifth possibility and tenth film, “The Town,” is certainly a contender too, but, let’s be honest, not as strong as your other nine. But, OK, OK, Oscarologists need to list 10 and that’s your lineup. Fine. I disagree with how you rank “127 Hours” and “Black Swan.” I think they’re “Best Bets,” too. But this Top 10 rundown is respectable.

My chief quarrel is your “Long Shots” list underneath. No “Winter’s Bone“? Blasphemy! It’s the indie darling of the year and one of the early DVD screeners sent to voters. Where is “The Way Back”?  Nearly everything Peter Weir helms gets nominated for Best Picture (“Master and Commander,” “Dead Poets Society,” “Witness”) or almost nominated (“The Truman Show” nabbed him a bid for best director).

I’m not saying that these pix will be nommed, but I do think that they belong on any noodling list that includes “Another Year,” “Get Low” and “How to Train Your Dragon.” Admit it: You do, too, right?

Tom Ohhh


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