Memo to Elisabeth Moss: Stay in Supporting for Emmys

Remain in the supporting actress category for “Mad Men” even though you will be extremely tempted to move back into the lead race. Yes, you had a phenomenal season this year and more screentime and relevance to the storylines than ever.

For each of the first two seasons of “Mad Men,” you submitted yourself as a lead actress and were rewarded with a nomination on your second try. For the third season, you wrestled with a decision to change over to supporting based on your decreased role. Again, you got an Emmy nomination. But in neither case did you win; as expected, Glenn Close was the lead champ for “Damages” while “The Good Wife” supporting player Archie Panjabi shocked us all with her win.

For the recently finished fourth season, a case could be made that you are once again a leading player on “Mad Men.” However, the reality of the category is that, while you could easily get a nomination, it will be incredibly difficult to beat other sure-thing nominees like reigning champ Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”) and SAG and Globe winner Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife”) who carry the weight of their shows week after week.

By submitting this season’s episode “The Suitcase,” you will be the overwhelming favorite to win Supporting Drama Actress. The episode was beautifully written and was akin to a theatrical two-hander between your Peggy Olsen and Jon Hamm‘s Don Draper with many moments that Emmy voters will love. Regardless of who your competitors end up being or what episodes they submit, I firmly believe you will finally win a deserved Emmy if you remain in supporting.

Photo: Elisabeth Moss in “Mad Men” (AMC)

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