Anna Torv finds four characters plenty to play on ‘Fringe’ [Video]

Anna Torv plays FBI Agent Olivia Dunham on Fox’s fan-favorite sci-fi drama series “Fringe.” This season, she was also playing her doppelganger (dubbed by fans as “Fauxlivia”) in a parallel universe. For three episodes, Olivia was possessed by the spirit of the notorious William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). And in the season finale, the talented Torv showed us an alternate version of her character from 15 years in the future.

When asked by senior editors Chris Beachum and Rob Licuria if this was part of a plan to take over the Emmys and vie for four separate acting awards, Torv joked that she “actually also wanted to desperately play the teacher in the flashback episode” and laughed that “the producers thought that would just be too many different levels” for the fans to comprehend.

She has garnered critical acclaim for her ability to seamlessly switch back and forth between all these roles. “This year has been a treat” Torv admitted, revealing that when she became privy to what the producers of the show had planned for Olivia, she couldn’t contain her excitement. “It has been a hoot to play … I think everybody [on set] would say the same thing; I know John [Noble, her co-star] has had a ball.”

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As for what is in store for all her characters, Torv is as eager to know as the fans. She revealed during the webcam chat below that she receives her script just days before shooting begins. She also talked about the joy of working with fellow Aussie John Noble, her favorite episodes this season and her hopes that “Fringe” might finally break through with the Emmys this year.

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