Daytime Emmys Flashback: Catherine Hickland

Catherine Hickland should have won at least one Daytime Emmy for her celebrated career in daytime dramas. However, she only submitted her name for consideration once and was rebuffed by academy voters.

That was in 2008, when she was a decade into her run in the role of Lindsay Farrell Rappaport on “One Life to Live.” She first appeared in 1998 as the ex-wife of kind-hearted lawyer Sam Rappaport (played first by Kale Browne, then Laurance Lau). Lindsay fought with Nora Buchanan (Emmy-winner Hillary B. Smith) for his affections.

In 2003, a heartbroken and distraught Lindsay accidentally shot Sam after being brainwashed. Guilt-ridden, Lindsay confessed her crime to daughter Jen who urged her to go to the police. Hickland’s bravura performance was Emmy worthy but she did not submit herself for consideration.

She did put her name forward in 2008 when her character killed the villainous Spencer Truman (Paul Satterfield) to protect her surrogate daugher Marcie Walsh (Kathy Brier). In a riveting moment, Lindsay breaks down while accepting an award for being a model citizen, admitting to the murder. She is eventually sent to jail and soon thereafter Hickland left the show. The actress did so without earning an Emmy bid. That year’s winner was Gina Tognoni (“Guiding Light”) who defeated Tracy Bregman (“The Young and the Restless”), Judi Evans (“Days of Our Lives”) Kelley Hensley (“As the World Turns”) and Heather Tom (“The Bold and the Beautiful”).

These days, Hickland works as a motivational speaker and has a successful line of skincare products. She is twice-divorced, first from David Hasselhoff after a five-year marriage in 1989 and more recently from “All My Children” Emmy champ Michael E. Knight after 14 years together. Following that 2006 split Hickland was inspired to write a book, “The 30 Day Heartbreak Cure.”

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