Daytime Emmys Flashback: Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden has just one win back in 1998 to show for his eight Daytime Emmy bids for Best Actor. “The Young and the Restless” veteran has repeatedly failed to earn even a pre-nomination.

Even this year, with a compelling storyline inspired by “A Christmas Carol,” he was not nominated. His character, Victor Newman, alone for the holidays, is confronted by several spirits from beyond, including his late wife and father, urging him to become a better man and showing him his fate otherwise.

Eric Braeden was an absolute revelation in this epsiode as Victor went from stubborn and self-centered to truly remorseful and humbled. Last year his “Y&R” co-star Billy J. Miller won the Supporting Actor trophy for a similarly-themed storyline. However, Braden was snubbed in favor of castmates Peter Bergman and Christian Le Blanc.

In the past, he has been denied a bid due to a voting system that was akin to a popularity contest among the cast. He lost his slot to Peter Bergman, Doug Davidson and Christian Le Blanc.  Beginning last year the rules changed to allow the entire industry to select pre-nominations across all of the soaps, yet Braden still failed to make the cut. This year, Le Blanc, who had far less screentime and was not the driving force of a storyline, should have submitted himself in the supporting race.

While Braeden has built up a loyal fan base in his three decades on “Y&R,” he is not as well-regarded within the industry. He has  a reputation for being difficult. In 1991, Braeden and Bergman brawled on the set. He almost left the show in 2009 but was convinced by CBS to sign a new contract. While it remains to be seen if he will ever see a second victory, it would be a shame if the industry were not to reward this powerhouse actor again.   

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