Experts give ‘Social Network’ 6 to 5 odds to win top Golden Globe

“The Social Network” has only a slight lead over “The King’s Speech” to win Best Drama Picture at the Golden Globes this Sunday, according to the racetrack odds issused by Gold Derby that are based upon the predictions of nearly two dozen experts. “The Social Network” receives 6 to 5 odds compared to 7 to 5 for “The King’s Speech.” See the full list of odds HERE. See the breakdown of experts’ predix HERE. View our photo gallery of 10 Golden Globe upsets that could happen HERE.

“The Social Network” – 6/5
“The King’s Speech” – 7/5
“The Fighter” – 6/1
“Black Swan” – 12/1
“Inception” – 50/1

“The Kids Are All Right” – 1/10
“Alice in Wonderland” – 9/1
“Burlesque” – 16/1
“Red” – 33/1
“The Tourist” – 100/1

See more HERE.

Photo: “The Social Network” (Columbia)

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