Is Rob Lowe savvy or silly to submit as lead for ‘Parks & Recreation’? [Poll]

Given his history with the Emmy Awards, it is not a surprise that Rob Lowe is vying for a Best Comedy Actor bid for his new role as auditor Chris Taeger on “Parks & Recreation.” This is the third time he has sought to stand out from the rest of a large ensemble cast.

During his four-year stint on “The West Wing,” Lowe always submitted himself in the lead drama race for his role as a top political aide. While his co-star Martin Sheen, who played the president, was nominated in this category every year, Lowe only contended for the second season of the show. Both of them lost that year to James Gandolfini who won the second of his three Emmys for “The Sopranos.”

He tried the same tack when he was featured on “Brothers & Sisters” for four years beginning in 2007. While his on-screen wife Calista Flockhart submitted herself in the supporting race, Lowe, who played a politico, went lead albeit to no avail. The depth of the Best Drama Actor category always kept him out of the running.

However, it could be a different story this time around. The Best Comedy Actor race is missing a couple of perennial contenders — Tony Shalhoub of “Monk” which left the air after eight years and Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which has yet to air its eight season. 

Of the men who appear on “Parks and Recreation,” Lowe is certainly the most well-known. By steering clear of the supporting race, he allows his other castmates to potentially compete there while positioning himself for a place in the top tier.

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