Jeff Probst solves ‘Survivor’s Emmys mystery [Video]

Survivor” star Jeff Probst thinks he has won the Emmy for Best Reality Host for the three years its existed because he’s “so intimately involved in everything” on the show and he’s not “underused” as are some of his rival nominees. However, “Survivor” lost all four of its Best Reality Competition Series bids to “The Amazing Race” (2003 – 2006) and has been snubbed since then. As Probst explains in our webcam chat, “We’re not the new kids on the block in terms of a show. There are a lot of new shiny shows.”

He also reveals that Boston Rob (Rob Mariano) remains his favourite “Survivor” contestant because “he’s the kind of guy in some ways I wish I was.” So if Boston Rob, a four-time participant, doesn’t finally win this season, is there a flaw in the format? Probst “already thinks there’s a flaw in the game — that human nature cannot be predicted — but that is what makes the show fascinating.”

Over the 22 seasons of the series, he has overseen more than 300 tribal councils. He says one of the toughest took place just a few weeks back when he had to mediate an argument about rice that had turned into a smackdown about race. For Probst, that was “indicative of the nature of the show — a culture clash — and you got to work it out. Those moments remind me of what I love about ‘Survivor.’ What I love is the guy from rural Arkansas meeting the hipster from L.A. and those two guys trying to figure it out, or the guy who hates gay guys meeting the most flamboyant gay guy he’s ever met and then becoming friends. That’s what’s great about it.” And it may well be the episode submitted to jurors if “Survivor” finally gets back into the Emmys race.

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