Podcast: Peter Travers on why ‘Argo’ will win Best Picture Oscar

Argo” is now ahead to win the Oscar for Best Picture, according to the newly updated predictions by Peter Travers (Rolling Stone).

“‘Argo’ is up front because it’s basically Hollywood that saves the world,” Travers says in our podcast chat. “Forget those pesky Canadians that actually did more than Ben Affleck gave them credit for. I think it’s a really well-crafted movie that (academy members) admire. It’s wonderful that we didn’t know anything about this (rescue of Americans in Iran) until Clinton let it go in 1997 and then we forgot about it again. ‘Argo‘ is this little footnote to history. Affleck’s made a audience-pleasing, critic-pleasing movie. What could they love more?”

Previously, Travers had “The Master” out front, but now he puts in in fourth place behind “Les Miserables” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” He continues to champion “The Master” star Joaquin Phoenix for Best Actor. See Travers’ complete predictions. See how they stack up against other pundits’ forecasts.

Travers maintains healthy senses of amusement and skepticism about our punditry at Gold Derby — how we change our predictions depending on the latest twists in the Oscars’ track — or our latest whims.

“I think it’s a great deal of fun,” he says. “I can look back on this later – not so many weeks later – and say, ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ That’s the fun of it. We all have, like, horses in a derby … and there’s that gambling instinct in us all. That’s what America is all about. You’ve turned the Oscars into the most fun reality show there is!”

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7 thoughts on “Podcast: Peter Travers on why ‘Argo’ will win Best Picture Oscar

  1. It is an excellent movie, but I still prefer that when history is advertised as history that it be done accurately. Still once Les Mis comes out, assuming is is both as good and as popular as it seems, just move out of the way to the steam roller. Make everyone happy.

  2. I think it’s still too early to proclaim it as the absolute champ. You can say the same with “The Social Network” a couple of years ago. Even if it is looking like a key contender, a backlash is so possible that they might prefer “Les Miz” – which is what I’m pulling for.

  3. There are some factors in this race that make me hold off from predicting Argo for Best Picture. I agree with the comparisons with The Departed (Argo is definitely going to be nominated for Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, Adapted Screenplay, and Editing with the possibility of one, two, or three more). Five nominations isn’t going to seem like a lot compared to the likely 12 or 13 nominations of Les Miz or Lincoln. I’m surprised that the experts don’t have Argo performing better in the techinical categories since the techinical guilds are who are going to play an important role in whether Argo wins or not. A Beautiful Mind beat LOTR with only 8 compared to 13 (and the biggest factor here might have been that many members of the Academy decided to wait until the third film to reward the trilogy). Argo needs a total of 8 or 9 nominations and the SAG cast win (which I think it can get) in order to prevail as Best Picture and right now, Argo has only 5 possible nominations according to the experts.

  4. Hmm, Jamie. I’m not sure that a “based on true events” counts as “advertised as history.” The idea that effective suspense in a non-documentary historical thriller is somehow “cheating” is bizarre to me.

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