Uh, oh! Is ‘Django Unchained’ in Oscar trouble?

On Saturday, Quentin Tarantino‘s “Django Unchained” debuted at screenings in Los Angeles and New York that were attended by a few notable Oscarologists.

“Forget any awards action,” Jeff Wells (Hollywood-Elsewhere) reported. Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood) tweeted two comments. First: “‘Django Unchained’ is a super violent spaghetti western with anachronistic songs. waltz and Jackson steal it. All talk and action. 1st screening.” Second: “Review embargo on ‘Django Unchained’. Trademark Tarantino: fun, talky, well-made violent revenge western with long takes, strong ensemble.”

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Lou Lumenick (New York Post) Tweeted, “Just watched what was basically a three-hour homage to ‘Blazing Saddles.'”

Currently, “Django Unchained” is ranked ninth in Gold Derby’s poll of 26 Oscarologists, with 25-to-1 odds to win. See how all experts rank all contenders in that race here.

Jeff Wells also wrote of “Django”: ” it’s a complete Tarantino wankathon, a ’70s spaghetti western “southern”, about as un-period as it could possibly be, pop tunes on the soundtrack (including Richie Havens’ ‘Freedom’), 2 hours and 45 minutes long (and a really talky second hour that has to be experienced to be believed), sadistic and blunt, semi-‘thoughtful,’ comedic and smirking and about as cinematically sincere as an SNL skit, pockmarked with occasional fast-zoom shots, incredibly impressed with itself, howlingly funny at times, silly, stupid, undisciplined, simultaneously Mandingo-esque and an anti-Mandingo, tedious, a hoot, astonishing at times and too effing long. But at least it’s not three hours, which it allegedly was a while back.”


“A lot of people are going to love ‘Django Unchained,'” Wells added. “But forget any awards action. Okay, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio or Christoph Waltz for supporting, but I doubt it.” READ MORE

13 thoughts on “Uh, oh! Is ‘Django Unchained’ in Oscar trouble?

  1. It’s Tarantino for goodness sake. That means half the possible attendees won’t go unless dragged. The ones who do go will love it or hate it. As far as awards are concerned … Not likely this year when people want ideals and hope not nihilism with funny word play and inappropriate music score. Come back in ten years when it is a classic that half the people still hate.

  2. Jeff wells is a disgusting man. A sad repressed individual who saild away on life doing the easiest thing he can do. He’s worse than scum. To take advice and listen to wells is pathetic.

  3. I’ve heard from several people that it is very much a contender in many categories. Jeff Wells has always hated Tarantino. He’s hardly the guy you look to when seeing if it has any Oscar prospects.

  4. Seeing as how Jeff Wells hated Inglourious Basterds, I’m not about to take his reaction for Tarantino’s next seriously.

  5. Tarantino’s only Oscar winning films have been released during the summer. Jacki Brown was also released in December and only got received one nomination. His other films have been released in April and October without any nominations.

    The Weinsteins should be worried since audiences usually ignore violent films released around Christmas (Dragon Tattoo, Sweeney Todd, Apocalypto)

  6. Inglourious Basterds was hated by many in its initial Cannes screening and went on to earn 8 Oscar nominations. It is also Tarantino’s biggest box office. Harvey Weinstein will want to push it to recoup some of the costs associated with the production. Jeff Wells and Anne Thompson are hacks with no association to the real award bodies.

  7. You’re really going to base a whole story on Jeff Wells, who snuck into the screening uninvited and violated the embargo? Who also said it has no chance of awards action–then said “okay, maybe” two actors? And who should also know, as a pundit, that Waltz is in lead, not supporting? Give me a break.

  8. I don’t know who I’m more embarrassed for–Wells, who regularly embarrasses himself, or you guys for putting stock in anything he says.

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