‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith on winning awards, and hosting them too [Video]

“Everybody was crying. Everybody was losing control,” reveals “Glee” star Cory Monteith about the cast’s reaction to filming the third season finale. Many of the students, including Monteith’s crooning football jock Finn Hudson, graduated from McKinley High School. He and the other graduating cast members are returning to the show next season, but “it’s bittersweet, because you never know on a television show who’s gonna be a central part of the storyline and who’s not.”


Glee,” which won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best TV Comedy Ensemble in 2010, was Monteith’s first American screen credit and thus the job that earned him his SAG card. Born and raised in Canada, the actor had previously appeared in several projects filmed north of the border, including “Kyle XY” and “Smallville.” Though he portrays a high schooler on the show, in real life he turned 30 in May. He admits about playing a teenager on the FOX comedy: “It’s always terrific to play a character that’s younger than yourself. It kind of extends your own life in a strange way.”

Monteith’s own experience as a teenager greatly differed from that of his on-screen counterpart. In his youth, he overcame substance abuse and run-ins with the law. Relating his own experiences to his character on “Glee” he explains, “My own life experience can’t not give me perspective on what it is Finn Hudson goes through.”

In addition to the “Glee” cast’s SAG victory, the series has also won four Golden Globes and six Emmys. “It’s always incredible to see the shows and the talent that we’re at these award shows with,” Monteith says. “It always blows my mind to think about how it was just a FOX pilot that started so humbly a couple of years ago and then winning all these awards and stuff … Sitting at the table, they put you really close to the stage when I think they’re sure you’re going to win the award or something, so you can kind of feel it in the room when you’re six feet from the stage … It’s kind of an electricity. It’s a very rare feeling. It’s good to have felt that.”

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Monteith has also been on the opposite side of the awards experience, serving as host of the Teen Choice Awards and Canada’s Gemini Awards in 2010, and most recently co-hosting the GLAAD Media Awards in 2012 with his “Glee” co-star Naya Rivera. “I love the idea of hosting award shows, so if anybody watching this wants me to host their award show, I’m your guy!”

Since its debut, “Glee” has been on the forefront of bringing awareness to LGBT causes, and the actor has been eager to lend his support: In addition to hosting the GLAAD Awards, he also filmed a 2011 PSA for the “Straight But Not Narrow” campaign, which encourages straight allies to stand for gay rights. “We’re going to look back fifty years from now and be shocked that this is what we were having to deal with and having to convince people it’s wrong to bigot against people of varying sexualities,” he says of the push-back against gay equality. “I think our kids are going to be really confused by us.”


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59 thoughts on “‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith on winning awards, and hosting them too [Video]

  1. Thank you for recognising Cory Monteith. He is far and away one of the best actors on Glee and it has been shameful how underestimated.

  2. It really is time for the Emmy’s to acknowledge Cory Monteith. Monteith got far and away the best critics notices this season.,

  3. So he gets sensational review from Time, AV club et al for the finale particualarly and you focus on his award hosting!!!

  4. Cory is such an amazing talent. He definitely deserves an Emmy nomination this year. I’ve seen all his hosting gigs and he’s a natural.

  5. It wouldn’t be glee without Cory Monteith. He has been praised by numerous critics on his performance this year, I really hope he gets an Emmy Nom.

  6. By far one of the most underrated actors on TV right now. The most subtle actor on Glee. Very interesting interview, he totally blew me away during the Glee finale. Stole the show.

  7. The most underrated actor on this show. It’s been said so many times. The writing for his character certainly doesn’t do any justice for his acting capabilities. Well, that’s Glee for you.

  8. I’m glad he mentioned the Finale of Season 3 as his favorite episode to submit. He really did tremendous work in the last car scene at the train station. I almost gave up on Glee this season, but that scene alone made me want to continue watching this sho

  9. I think he is immensly talented. Finn is one of the hardest characters to play on the show and the writers don’t go easy on him but Mr. Monteith really knows how to work with the material. While the other castmember rely on providing us with an endless st

  10. Sad that Glee doesn’t use him to his full potential. He is my favorite actor and always delivers when they give him good stuff.

  11. Delivered the best acting on Glee this entire season and ended on a high with the finale in the car scene (Lea Michele can cry all she wants but it was Cory who owned it)

  12. Cory deserves so much more recognition. He’s one of the strongest actors on Glee and continuously delivers a great performance. The show wouldn’t have the same heart without him.

  13. Wonderful interview with good questions – and great answers. He’s def the most underrated actor on the show, and should be in the Male Lead Actor category! His subtle acting has made Finn Hudson the most realistic on the show, especially in dramatic scene

  14. It’s such a joke Morrison got the lead nomination for the show.Cory Monteith is really underrated, one day his time will come. He is on the road to success.

  15. The scene were he finds out his dad was a druggie and the final scene in the car showed how wonderfuly subtle and touching he is when it comes to his craft. He plays Finn to perfection.

  16. Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer and the only actors that actually deserve critical praise when it comes to Glee. Chris didn’t get much to do this season though, but Cory showed how amazing he is.

  17. He truly deserves an emmy this year. He’s gotten some of the best material this season and has always delivered. Even when the writing wasn’t that great he still delivered. I actually think he got better material than Chris Colfer this season. Cory should

  18. Has done amazing work on Glee. Hope he gets some recognition soon. I can tell he works really hard to give Finn life and layers.

  19. It’s so amazing to think he is THIRTY years old and still manages to pull off playing this high school character that is full of naivety and self-doubt (especially considering his difficult past). Touché.

  20. What I really enjoy about the way that Cory Monteith plays Finn is that over the three seasons the character has visibly ‘grown up’ on screen. That’s down to Cory’s wonderful nuanced acting that most always gets overlooked. He’s not a big scene stealer bu

  21. …contd: He’s not a big scene stealer but a slow burner. He really has sown what a fantastic actor he really is with his body of work on the show.

  22. The intense subtle touches he puts into his performance makes him so overlooked and that’s really a shame. He is the best example of an underrated actor and when he is gone people will notice what a huge asset he was to the show.

  23. Nobody on Glee has grown as much as this guy and I can’t imagine anybody else playing Finn. One of the few real characters on that show.

  24. Cory is a great actor and really under apprciated actor in Glee. His subtle protray of a naive jock Finn Hudson is so surperb that I cannot imagine anyone else that can play Finn but him.

  25. I liked Finn, I hated Finn, I felt for him, and sometimes would like to give slap in his face… Cory Monteith, you did a good job evoking all these feelings in me…

  26. Cory deserves the Emmy normination (and win) for his portray as Finn Hudson in Glee. Season 3 saw many of his brilliance acting in many of the episodes especially Mashup, The First Time, Heart, Goodbye and many more.

  27. He completely deserves the nomination. He’s been an excellent actor all along but he really shone through in the finale, when the writers finally gave him a great scene in which to prove his talents. I wish the best for him!

  28. There is something special about him and he made Finn (unlike other characters on the show that are mere charicatures to me) real and provided proper depth. And he’s also hilariously awkward. Great combo.

  29. Read the Mike O’Malley interview on this site and you see the high regard he is held in by actors like Rita Wilson, Jane Lynch et al.

  30. Time, Huff Post, Zap2it all gave him great praise this season and AV club said ‘he killed’ the finale. Why does the show not harness this?

  31. I really want Cory to get a nominate for award, he is the only best actor on glee right now. i also do think, he is the most improve actor from the cast. If he was not on glee. i would not watch the show anymore!!!!!

  32. So underrated and pitch perfect for the role of Finn. I can’t even imagine what a stretch it must be for him to play a character to different than himself (could not believe he is 30, talk about good genes)…

  33. Cory Monteith is an exceptionally good actor, bringing such nuance and subtlty to the role of Finn Hudson that it takes a discerning eye to realize just how masterfully he is honoring his craft. To play the Everyman, normal guy character without ever mis

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