Ryan Murphy on ‘Glee,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ gay hubbub and Emmys [Podcast]

Jessica Lange already misses Constance, that monstrously evil mother on “American Horror Story” now that the first season is kaput and “Glee” fans must soon face a terrifying turn of events on the next TV season: the cast size will be slashed. Those are the kinds of revelations you hear from producer/ writer/ series creator Ryan Murphy when you settle down with him for a long chaw on the phone.

Listen to the podcast recording below of our chat to hear his views on these key matters:

Murphy doesn’t buy the hubbub. Yes, “American Horror Story” competed at the Golden Globes as a Drama Series, but that was last January – long before its producers could reveal that the show would wrap up its story line after season one. To tattle any earlier would’ve spoiled a key component of its suspense.

“I always felt that it was a miniseries,” he says. “When I pitched the show, it was imagined as a new kind of anthological series. Every year there would be a story that would have a beginning, a middle and an end.”

What about season two ahead? “It is a traditional trope of horror,” Murphy says. “It’s in a mental institution and, of course, there will be many, many weird twists. I think a lot of people will be surprised when they watch that first episode and they think, ‘Holy fuck! What am I watching?’ Everything gets peeled off as the year progresses.”

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“We’re cutting back on the number of characters,” he says of the hit Fox series that returns to the Emmys after two recent bids for Best Comedy Series. “After three seasons of a lot of those choir room scenes with 18 people, it became a bit much. The show has grown into a gargantuan.

“It’s exciting how we’re dealing with New York, where Rachel went off to in the end and how we’re dealing with Ohio with the new kids coming up and which couples are breaking up and which ones are staying together.”

Murphy acknowledges recent controversy over allegations that “Glee” has shown far fewer romantic gay scenes than heterosexual ones over the past TV season: “I really understand how important it is for so many young people to turn on a show and say, ‘Oh, I’m like that character and I wish I had that bravery.’ When I was growing up, I didn’t have that. I get it. I appreciate it. I commend the passion … but there is no other show on network television that has done more for gay characters and stories than ‘Glee’ and I’ve fought hard for that.”

“I love (author) Larry Kramer. We’re working on the shooting draft of the script right now. We’re adding a lot of new stuff to it that’s rather bold. It will probably start preproduction later this year.”


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37 thoughts on “Ryan Murphy on ‘Glee,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ gay hubbub and Emmys [Podcast]

  1. We just wanted a decent coming out storyline for Santana and a Brittana conversation, Ryan. We just wanted a proper storyline, not sex and shit. Instead, you gave us conversations about testicles,cats,poops and sextapes.

  2. Sorry Ryan but having one gay couple fail to talk about anything other than bull testicles while the other gay couple fails to touch for half the season, that is not “fighting hard” for equal treatment. Gotta call bullshit when i see it.

  3. I’m sorry, you expected an indepth conversation via Brittana when one half of the couple is as dumb as a doornail?!?! I don’t see the reality of this couple at ALL! Santana deserves someone on the same level as her. Please kick off Brittany! So useless!

  4. Wow Ryan, that was not what we were even thinking about…All any of the Klaine/Brittana fandoms want is a kiss every now and then. And as a straight woman I honestly hate watching Finchel suck face, every episode. Also, I am not ok with the idea of the R

  5. Missing the point royally, Ryan Murphy. I don’t know about the Klaine fandom, but Brittana fandom would like the girls to have some conversations or a decent storyline (not about sextapes) since they’re a couple. It’s not about the kisses or the sex at a

  6. He says he’s gonna go back to season 1 where the show revolved around a few characters and the rest are just in the background? Translation: LET’S BRING IN MORE FINNCHEL! YEAH! Seriously, Ryan! I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t even consider Fi

  7. Also, Ryan. You say it’s an 8 o clock show? How does that mean you can’t air homosexual scenes? Isn’t that just sending the message that gay is not okay?

  8. I didn’t know that I kinda hate Ryan Murphy. He’s done itty-bitty baby steps for LGBT representation… but he just admitted that he has the network approval to do more and he chooses not to. The fans aren’t looking for gay/lesbian porn, they’re looking f

  9. cont’d – they’re looking for equal representation that you write for your straight couples. Or at least a fraction of that screen time. While I’m not overly fond of Santana or Brittany, they’re relationship is treated like joke. Kurt and Blaine barely hol

  10. Wow, thanks so much Ryan for dismissing the complaints about a lack of parity between the queer and straight couples as a bunch of horny fans who want to get their rocks off.

  11. You were doing pretty good there, Ryan…and then you just had to push the envelope and go for the shock value. Probably need to go back to your cave now…while you are there…work on having Blaine and Kurt just stand in the same time zone together.

  12. Thanks, Ryan, for confirming that Glee will be The Rachel Berry show- now I can stop wasting my time with watching it anymore. 🙂

  13. Enough with the hate towards Murphy. He works for a network and has done amazing things to represent gay relationships (the First Time treated Rahcel and Kurt’s ‘first time’ with parity) but the problem is the show risked being cancelled because there is

  14. (cont) a limit to what a majority hetero audience can adapt to or you risk cancellation. Shouldn’t the issue be the acceptance of the gay characters be the issue?

  15. I am so glad the Glee characters will be scaled back, the huge cast has been the main issue for season 3 because there was a need to service so many plotlines or risk howls from the audience.

  16. When the finale focussed in on Finn, Kurt and Rachel it was just magic. The acting is of such a high level then that it returns to that raw, visceral glee of season 1. Cory Monteith and Lea Michele knocked their scenes so far out of the park I think it sh

  17. In his Gold derby interview Mike O’Malley mentioned Cory Monteith and certainly i think both Nationals but particularly the finale showed what he can do when given the right material rather than babysitting glee project kids or being the punchbag.

  18. Loved the reviews for the finale scene with Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, from TIME to the AV club and Huff Post they all mentioned it as probably the best of the season. Vindication for Monteith after the way Murphy dissed him.

  19. They have featured many of the minor characters all season, Naitonals and the Finale very much showed the whole group of seniors. Calling it the Finn and Rachel Berry show is wrong.

  20. As William Keck of TV Guide said ‘well they are the stars’ of Rachel and Finn. I can’t think of another TV show where the moment the stars and best performers are featured there is an outcry albeit from a tiny minority in a vocal online fanbase. I hope th

  21. Thank you for asking Ryan Murphy about the gay bias. No other interviewer has ever asked this. I think you are the first, so thank you so much. Most of them ask for fans to submit questions and they ignore the most common question which is the clear doubl

  22. (cont) double standard between the gay and straight characters. They turn a blind eye to such a popular question and urging matter and instead choose the praise them about Glee’s gay characters. It’s simply not the case anymore. You were probably surprise

  23. (cont ) surprised that your forum received so many of the same question. It’s because we’re sick of the fact that no reporter ever asks the question. You finally did. Ryan Murphy’s answer might be offensive and totally skirting around the issue (we don’t

  24. (cont ) surprised that your forum received so many of the same question. It’s because we’re sick of the fact that no reporter ever asks the question. You finally did. Ryan Murphy’s answer might be offensive and totally skir(cont) want to see Brittana and

  25. (cont ) (cont) we don’t want to see Brittana and Klaine get naked we want equal treatment) but at least Ryan had to face that question.

  26. How is it not equal treatment? One heterosexual and TWO homosexual couples were featured discussing theur futures in the FINALE. Where else on TV is there that parity?

  27. Utlimately too it is about the performances. No objective person could watch Cory Monteith and Lea Michele act out their parting in the fianle and not be moved by its rawness and realness.

  28. I think Ryab Murphy is doing his best juggling betwen now three different shows. I think glee has always been about Rachel while the other characters such as Kurt and Finn have played supporting roles in her journey. I think its hard for Ryan Murphy to e

  29. I like Ryan Murphy, I just think he is just trying to work with everything. I sure wouldn’t be able to do all that.

  30. Agreed with the comments below that the best thing about this show is actually Lea Michele abnd Cory Monteith, with the nationals and goodbye they showed why they are the stars. Emotional.

  31. It’s hard to imagine that anyone is going to watch a full season of Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith. They are good actors, but they’re certainly not enough to carry the show (particularly not if many of the scenes are in NYC, home of about 10,000 Rachel Be

  32. If Brittana break up, that will be it and I’ll never watch Glee again, I’ll BOYCOTT!!! They are the most stable relationship, you can’t ignore the chemistry, they way the look in each others eyes is just so full of love, they’re a two shot & always be…

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