Charles Bright: Good, bad and ugly of Golden Globe nominations

Our newest contributor weighs in with his thoughts on the nominations for the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards which were announced Thursday. Winners will be revealed on Jan. 13 during the live kudocast on NBC.

Five nominatons for “Django Unchained” and three nominations for “Life of Pi” gives these films a needed boost of momentum after being left out of critics prizes for the past several weeks.

Bill Murray receiving a nomination for his charming portrayal of FDR in “Hyde Park on Hudson

Game Change” reaping the most nods for a television program.

Breaking Bad” earning a nomination for Best Drama Series. Maybe this is an indication that the Hollywood Foreign Press is actually enjoying this television masterpiece.

Hatfields and McCoys” getting nominated for Best TV Movie/Miniseries and Kevin Costner getting recognized for the role in “Hatfields” that earned him an Emmy.

Max Greenfield getting cited for Best Supporting TV Actor his wonderful portrayal of Schmidt on “New Girl.”

Zero nominations for “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, which was the hidden cinematic gem of this year.

No nods for “Ted”. While I know it’s not a masterpiece of cinematic proportions, I was really holding out hope that the Hollywood Foreign Press would give the movie a nomination and one for Mark Wahlberg as well.

Taylor Swift being nominated for Best Original Song. I know the song was a collaboration with T Bone Burnett, who is amazing, but do we really need to keep showering this mediocre singer with such honors?

The rest of the cast of “Hatfields and McCoys” not getting nominated, including Bill Paxton, Tom Berenger and Mare Winningham.

Glenn Close getting nominated for Best TV Drama Actress again for “Damages.” The Globes are supposed to be really good at nominating new shows and are we supposed to believe that there was not anyone who was more deserving of recognition? Same goes for Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey of “30 Rock.” As much as I like them, it’s time to find some new blood to take their places.

No nomination for “Parks and Recreation” as Best TV Comedy/Musical Series. 

No nominations for Paul Thomas Anderson. While many people will be debating “The Master” as a movie, there is no doubt about the genius of Anderson’s writing and directing abilities. To leave him out is wrong.

No nominees from the Musical/Comedy side for Best Director, including Tom Hooper for helming “Les Miserables.” 

No nomination for Anthony Hopkins for “Hitchcock.” Both the HFPA and SAG overlooked his critically acclaimed performance but recognized Helen Mirren for playing Hitchcock’s wife.

No nomination for Mindy Kaling for Best TV Comedy/Musical Actress. “The Mindy Project” is one of the funniest new shows this season and Mindy is terrific. This is something that I hope will be rectified when nominations for the Emmys come around.

No nomination for “Sherlock” for Best TV Movie/Miniseries. This is one of the finest programs on television.

Only one nomination for “Mad Men.” Jon Hamm’s work was worthy of recognition, but so were Elisabeth MossChristina Hendricks and the show itself.

Episodes” being nominated for Best TV Comedy/Musical Series. 

8 thoughts on “Charles Bright: Good, bad and ugly of Golden Globe nominations

  1. Tom Berenger gave the finest performance in Hatfields & McCoys in my opinion, however, Best Supporting Actor and Actress for TV is the hardest category to get a nom at the GGs. They mix Comedy, Drama, Miniseries AND TV movies in just one Supporting Actor category. So many talented actors miss out because of this.
    Totally agree about Taylor Swift.
    Overall I am very pleased with the nominations.

  2. Taylor Swift > no offence but this « mediocre singer » has been the recipient of six Grammy Awards, eleven American Music Awards, seven Country Music Association Awards, six Academy of Country Music Awards and thirteen BMI Awards.

  3. The Golden Globes are crap, a joke, a dubious honor from a group of foreign “journalists” whose historic tactics include exchanging lavish gifts and vacations for nominations. (Pia Zadora, anyone?) Why in the world is anyone debating their merit?

  4. Excuse me, but hasn’t SHERLOCK pick the nomination for leading role for Benedict Cumberbatch!?
    Besides, I don’t agree about Tommy Hopper… Maybe he’s a good driver, but however, I’m absolutely not-disappointed about his directorial lose in following nomination!

  5. …And I think that HOMELAND didn’t reserved the 4th nomination for Mandy Patinkin – they should better gave this achievement to Aaron Paul, for his great performance of Jesse Pinkman – the right hand of drug-legend Heisenberg! ))

    Homeland is the worst TV-Series from all five nominated in Best-Drama Series, and ain’t interesting no more… ((

  6. Taylor Swift mediocre singer? Are you serious? She has won six grammy and is the youngest ever winner for album of the year and her new album Red is one the bests of 2012 and the biggest one with only two months of release. Take Care of you words, she’s one of the biggest artist of these times and safe and sound is such a good song, you really have to know that it is also nominated in the grammts for this same category.

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