Not too soon to wonder: How will ‘House of Cards’ do at the Emmys?

Netflix just released a new trailer for David Fincher‘s “House of Cards.” Even though the new drama series doesn’t debut until February, this teaser reminds us to start pondering the biggest cliffhanger looming over this thriller in awardsland: Can it break into the Emmys?

Netflix’s foray into original programming represents a fierce threat to the media hierarchy of Hollywood. It took cable a decade to break the stranglehold that broadcast television had over the TV academy back in the 1980s and 1990s. Now there’s an internet barbarian at the gate. It’s not the first, but it’s the most formidable among the web warriors with Emmy gold in its eye.

“House of Cards” — the original British version — actually won a primetime Emmy in the past (best writing) when it competed as a movie-mini in 1991. It scored seven BAFTA noms, winning Best Actor for Ian Richardson‘s turn as a revenge-bent political schemer. That role now goes to a double Oscar champ in the Netflix redo.

The Washington Post’s Lisa de Moreas explains the redo: “Kevin Spacey has taken the role made famous by Ian Richardson in the British version, which was based on a book written by a former staffer in the Conservative Party. The original drew heavily from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ with some ‘Richard III’ thrown in for good measure.

“While the original was set after the end of Margaret Thatcher’s stint as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the U.S. version, which was shot in the Baltimore area, is set in contemporary times shortly after an election — hence the debut date.”


3 thoughts on “Not too soon to wonder: How will ‘House of Cards’ do at the Emmys?

  1. Is this eligible? If so could this be the year internet TV breaks in both drama (with this) and comedy (arrested development), or is there still too much exclusion of certain networks, look at Starz and emmy darling Kelsey Grammer, his Golden Globe winning role was shockingly excluded.

  2. If it’s eligible, I think it’s best chance might be for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Other than Spacey, Corey Stoll is probably the series standout as a young congressman Spacey’s character uses as a political pawn. Considering two of last year’s supporting actor in a drama nominees won’t be eligible, it might be easier for Stoll to sneak in. Spacey of course has the bigger name recognition, but it’s going to be incredibly hard for new blood to break into the leading category.

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