Kelsey Grammer: Emmys snubbed me because I’m a Republican

Hollywood was shocked when Kelsey Grammer wasn’t nominated for an Emmy for his critically hailed role as bombastic mayor in “Boss,” but Grammer believes he knows why he was snubbed.

He told Jay Leno on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”: “It may have to do with several things, honestly, but I think it’s possible … I mean … I’m a declared out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood. Do you believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor — or even older voting member for the Emmys — would sit there and go, ‘Yeah, that’s a great performance, but oooooh, I just hate everything he stands for?’ I don’t believe that’s possible.”

“You can’t think that way,” Leno replied, noting that Grammer has won five Emmys in the past. Leno also noted that the reason for the snub may be to the show’s lower profile on Starz TV network.

Grammer’s TV appearance is generating lively discourse in our forums. A few sample comments below. Read more HERE.

Irishmovielover4ever: “I Watched the interview an he didn’t really say that he blames for being a repulican, he was making a joke about younger voters. I think him getting snubbed was horrible. I agree with Leno that people need to find starz. I say he gets in next year.”

probablyROB: Maybe this comment being blown way out of proportion is just what the show and Starz needed for people to actually check out the show. It is quite good and worthy of accolades.”

4 thoughts on “Kelsey Grammer: Emmys snubbed me because I’m a Republican

  1. Leno was exactly right when he said the reason Boss wasn’t nominated was because it’s on a lower-viewer network. What an idiot Grammar is–who cares what political party he belongs to?

  2. I think the biggest reason is the lame “We need to nominate this actor every year just because” thing they do (Michael C. Hall is awesome, but he didn’t earn it for this season I think).

  3. Kelsey – nobody cares about your politics – If it is anything, its your personal life that people are sick of – Fair or not. I personally have a hard time seeing anything but the same Kelsey (the lying sneaky cheat) Grammer when I watch your show – I’m s

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