Kristen Stewart scales new acting heights ‘On the Road’ [Podcast]

“It’s a rough road. It’s a fun road,” Kristen Stewart says about the adventure to be found in her new film “On the Road,” Walter Salles‘ adaption of Jack Kerouac‘s novel of bohemian drifters in post-war America. “There’s a serious duality to it.” Addressing her “Twilight Saga” fans in our podcast chat, she acknowledges that this edgy art-house role is new territory for her as an actress, “but, if you want to take a ride, please come along.”

In “On the Road,” Stewart portrays Marylou, the sultry jailbait lover of a hedonist who’s always on the run. It’s unclear where they’re going or what they’re running from – but that doesn’t matter because these are free-spirited teens consumed with blind wanderlust.

“She’s searching for that special little something that nobody can really put their finger on,” Stewart says about Marylou. “The search never ends and that’s perfectly OK with her …. She loves that life. She doesn’t want to stop it. She wants it to thrive and she wants to watch what happens.”

En route, there are lots of drugs, drinks and naked romps, but Stewart fearlessly surrendered to the creative requirements of the role. “I think there are times when people are far more naked than when they have their clothes on,” she says. “The story is about breaking those walls down.”

Having succeeded spectacularly in commercial films, Stewart now needs to break through the wall into artsy films if she aims to have a long, satisfying career. Stars like Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron are proof that the transition can be made by taking an artsy path. It’s important to be part of the awards conversation, so Stewart does just that by chatting with Gold Derby. Listen to our podcast below.

15 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart scales new acting heights ‘On the Road’ [Podcast]

  1. Come on! Kristen Stewart is terrible !
    The only emotion she knows is blah… She doesn’t know how to act. It’s irritating to even watch her on the big screen… I’ve seen her once and said “okay. ” saw her a second time and said ” maybe she’s improved” saw her a third time and said “kill me now! ” She’s just plain lucky.

  2. The haters carry the same fabricated message. How much you want to bet Julie hasn’t seen anything but Twilight? Kristen Stewart is an incredible actress and I’m confident she’ll nail the part of Marylou. The haters hate the fact that her role is sparking Oscar talk. The haters should get used to Kristen being around, because she has a long career ahead of her. Kristen is a class act.

  3. JR, I’m sorry to disappoint you but, with Stewart, I saw:
    *Panic Room
    *In the Land of Women
    *The Cake Eaters
    *Into The Wild
    *The Yellow Handkerchief
    *The Runaways
    *Welcome to the Rileys
    *Snow White and the Huntsman
    *On the Road (I’m french, On the Road is already on DVD)

    Sorry but she sucks, she can’t act! Just a Razzie Award winner.

  4. Whoa Julie..You have watched not one, not two but ten films of an actress you hate??And some very out there indie films at that?..They should give Kristen Stewart the Oscar for that alone. How many Hollywood actors are there that can put their haters’ butts on the seat repeatedly.?There must be sth. really special about Kristen Stewart if even her haters keep coming back for more.

  5. Thank you for the lovely interview. It is clear that Kristen was prepared and knew the story and the real people behind all the characters and her passion is evident. I had the opportunity to see OTR at the AFI Film festival earlier this month, and thought it was perfect. I think if you liked/loved the book, you will feel the same about this adaptation. Garrett and Kristen were definitely the standouts for me and i hope they don’t get lost in the mix for award time. Also, loved the minor characters they meet along the way, and how they add to the “mood” of the film. If Kristen doesn’t get recognition this year… Stay tuned. And, I can’t wait to see people’s jaws hit the floor. I’ll just be here smiling. 🙂

  6. I’m ok with Julie and Emy. I saw a screening of On The Road and I don’t understand why anyone even remotely thinks she has a chance at an Oscar. Yes she takes off her clothes and has her boobs jiggling around but her acting is insanely horrible. She scratches her head, bites her lip, exhales heavily, and does awkward gestures. What the F is that?
    Kristen Stewart = a bad joke. SHE HAS NO CHANCE. Best Supporting Actress? Amy Adams (The Master); Sally Field (Lincoln); Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables); Helen Hunt (The Sessions);
    Maggie Smith (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)
    You dreaming Kristen Stewart’s fans!

  7. Anna, Kristen Stewart is not the only actress in these movies… *fortunately*

    I’m agree with Len: KEEP DREAMING 😉 she has no chance.

  8. Kristen Stewart thinking she’s going to get an oscar nom…. hahahahaha….. Maybe the Razzie Award for Worst Actress (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 + Snow White and the Huntsman)

  9. it makes me giggle, how all these haters want to say she cant achieve certain things. she will prove all of you wrong, and i will be smiling the entire way. she chooses parts that speak to her, and she is brilliant and humble among many other things. she is a strong actress, and a strong person. people always want to fit things into boxes, she plays parts that are heavily emotional and its beautiful that she can always catch that spot on and doesnt always need words to portray the heavy emotions or feelings in a scene. everyone she has EVER worked with [including jodie foster and charlize theoron] praises her as a goddess with a talent that goes beyond what words can describe.

  10. She gave quite a good performance in On the Road, although it won’t be enough. I’ve never seen Twilight, but I don’t understand this thing about how she apparently bites her lip. I’ve never noticed it in the few indies I’ve seen her in…It’s silly that this film is released on December 21st…They should have released it early in the month or in November, when there was far less competition…

    Considering IFC is actually backing a campaign for both her and Hedlund, that several Oscarologists have mentioned her as a long shot for a nom, etc…it’s a little strange how people get so angry/defensive at the idea of Stewart getting any sort of accolades or act like it’s crazy. She’s not pulling a Linda Cardenelli here, people. The girl has for the most part received some pretty good to rave reviews for her little indie roles. It’s unfortunate that the budget for On the Road made it ineligible for the Indie Spirits…That’s where it really would have picked up some noms.

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