Dave Karger predicts ‘Les Miserables’ will win Best Picture Oscar

For the past two months, one of Hollywood’s reigning Oscarologists, Dave Karger (Fandango), has been backing “Silver Linings Playbook” as the next Best Picture champ, but today he switched to “Les Miserables.” In the battle over Best Supporting Actress, he dropped Helen Hunt (“The Sessions”) in favor of “Les Miserables” songbird Anne Hathaway. See all of Karger’s predix here.

Karger joins nine other Oscarologists picking Tom Hooper‘s screen adaptation of the Broadway classic, thus thrusting it firmly in the lead ahead of “Argo,” which held the front spot by a 12 to 5 score last Friday. Now it’s 10 pundits for “Les Miz” and 5 for “Argo” and “Lincoln.” READ MORE.




5 thoughts on “Dave Karger predicts ‘Les Miserables’ will win Best Picture Oscar

  1. Hello from Spain… From here we are noticing an increasing support to The Impossible by Juan Antonio Bayona, especially to Ewan McGregor as suporting actor, but what about best picture?… Beside, every year we talk about the split between film and director winners, and I wonder about a Les Miserables as best film and Ben Affleck by Argo as director… What do you think, Tom?

  2. I don’t know about this. The way this Oscar season is going, I’m afraid the experts will all switch to Django Unchained once they see it. Everything this year seems to be SO great–till the next sure thing comes along, that is. And everything also seems to have a downside, especially when you look at the past Oscar glory of their actors & directors, normally NOT a positive. (Does Tom Hooper really deserve a second Oscar? Or Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis & Sally Field EACH a third one?)

  3. I think Django Unchained’s material is too violent and a turn-off to Academy voters. I am sure it will be received by lukewarm responses, but I assume it to receive the same reaction as his “Kill Bill” films. Good responses, just not enough for the Academy. @R. Brittain

  4. One thing to take into consideration. There is absolutely no one in motion pictures, and I mean no one, with the talent and stature to play Jean Val Jean other than Hugh Jackman. If you can think of someone who can carry a three hour movie solely based on their ability to act and sing while supporting all of the other interactions with actors within a film not to mention delivering on box office, name them. DDL may be great, but Hugh deserves that Oscar.

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