News Nuggets: Could Naomi Watts actually win Best Actress?

Despite his extensive resume, including award-winning films like “Chicago,” Richard Gere has never been nominated for an Oscar. Can he earn his first for “Arbitrage“? He discusses his Golden Globe nominated performance with CNN.

Anne Hathaway was widely criticized for her Oscars co-hosting gig opposite James Franco, but she offers advice to upcoming host Seth MacFarlane: “‘This is my advice to Seth – based on my own experience,’ Hathaway tells EW. ‘You have to try to strike a balance between keeping the people of the room entertained and keeping the people at home from thinking you’re nuts.'” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Oscars tend to favor dramatic performances, so “Parental Guidance” stars Billy Crystal and Bette Midler think there should be separate honors for comedy. Says Midler, “What about Eddie Murphy in ‘Nutty Professor’? I mean, my God! Who has ever done that? That was amazing!” STAR PULSE

Sasha Stone wonders if Naomi Watts could actually win Best Actress for “The Impossible.” She has Oscar clout and can be considered overdue for the honor. She’s also actively campaigning for the film. AWARDS DAILY

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The Master” leads the Online Film Critics Society nominations, with eight bids. Rounding out the Best Picture race are “Argo,” “Holy Motors,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” OFCS

Spike Lee refuses to watch Quentin Tarantino‘s “Django Unchained.” He explained on Twitter, “American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust. My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them.” INDIEWIRE

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  1. I really do not think Naomi Watts will win this award, at least this year. This has to do with the fact the Lawrence more so than Chastain is extremely a powerhouse right now. She has received not one, but two highly praised reviews for The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. Personally, Naomi Watts could easily become the frontrunner and winner of the award next year with her movie Diana (playing Princess Diana), a performance I am sure will not disappoint.

  2. Sorry to inform you, but Jessica Chastain IS the frontrunner for Best Actress. It seems so hard for Lawrence’s fans to accept it…

  3. I have to disagree with that as Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty, while good will not garner her an Academy Award win. She will without a doubt be nominated, but will not win. As an experienced Oscar Awards viewer and someone that likes to predict who will win, the academy will nominate a politcal movie like Zero Dark Thirty; but its chances of winning any major awards is very unlikely. Think back to the 1980’s with director Oliver Stone with his directoral work of Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and JKF. I do not know if you are aware of this (Eric), but all three of these films had a strong contendor in the acting categories and not a single one of them won on Oscar night. The way this is playing out is on the extrodinary ability of the director Kathryn Bigalow. If this movie were to snag a major award it will be in the Director category where she will do an Oliver Stone. A director that won the Best Director Award in 1986 for Platoon that additionally saw the movie win Best Picture, only to win again in 1989 as Best Director for Born in the Fourth of July; but saw Driving Miss Daisy win Best Picture instead. This will be how the upcoming Oscar show will more than likely play out. As for the Best Actress race if Jennifer Lawrence does not win, it will not be Jessica Chastain either. Instead the winner will be Naomi Watts that is quickly gaining ground as she too as received nominations at the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild. So sorry to say, but the real surprise is Jessica Chastain is just riding on the steam of a very contraverol movie that is going to lose its luster the closer it gets to the Oscar’s. This is because I cannot began to count how mant times a movie that starts out strong and heavy as Zero Dark Thirty and Les Mes have done, typically do not make out as big winners on Oscar night.

  4. I haven’t seen The Impossible yet but other people seem to really like it. I think if the film is a hit Watts could very well win the award. She’s been around a lot longer than the other two and has more connections. I think Chastain’s role is just too bland to win, plus she will likely have many more showy roles in the future. To me Lawrence’s big negative is her age. She would be the second youngest best actress ever and I just doubt older actors will want to award her so young. (especially for a role that was written for a much older actress.)

  5. I do agree with you Robert, especially in terms of Naomi Watts has been around much longer and if the movie is received well and does well in theaters, she could come from behind and win it. As I stated before, I really think Jessica Chastain is getting alot of attention just for appearing in a very hyped film, which is receiving additional hype from the controversy being fueled by U.S. agencies. As the big awards kick into high gear I am sure the award for Best Actress on Oscar night will be between Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence, not between Ms. Lawrence and Jessica Chastain.

  6. Naomi Watts gave the best female performace of the year in a real tour de force in The Impossible.I watched Emanuelle Riva,Jessica and Jennifer but who really touch my heart was the great Naomi Watts.
    I think she finally deserves to wins the next Academy Awards,she is really strong and subtle in this touching performace.

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