Who should host this year’s Oscars? [Poll]

One of our forum posters, KingOfTheWorld, kicks off this annual debate with the following observation:

With Tom Sherak failing to lock down Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels for this year’s telecast, it has me wondering: who should host and produce the Oscars this year?

If they want to continue on the late night circuit, they should go for Jimmy Kimmel (especially if he nails the Emmys come September). He’s painfully funny and ABC will definitely approve as it’s free promotion for his show. Jon Stewart could definitely come back for a thrid time. Maybe this time he could bring Stephen Colbert along? 


I said it last year and I will say it again: Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal


Tina Fey should co-host with Robert Downey Jr. (he could host with anyone.)

Who do you think should emcee the 85th annual edition of these kudos which take place next Feb. 24? Vote in the poll below and have your say here

5 thoughts on “Who should host this year’s Oscars? [Poll]

  1. How many people did not get the memo that ABC will veto rival talent? Will go to a film vet or ABC talent — certainly not Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. Ellen and Whoopi are viable, although Whoopi may be viewed as past her prime comedically — especially in l

  2. Anne Hathaway hosting duties in 2011 is very underrated. I wish James Franco wasn’t her co-host. She was charming, funny, entertaining, and her singing/dancing number was awesome!

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