Oscars update: Current state of the Best Picture race

In just a few days a lot of the mystery looming over the Oscar Best Picture race will finally be zapped. We Oscar bloggers will get to see the following front-runners: “Les Miserables” (Nov. 24), “Zero Dark Thirty” (Nov. 25), “Django Unchained” (Nov. 29 or thereabouts) and “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (Nov. 30).

Meantime, we’re all throwing darts in the dark, but, hey, the suspense is fun and we might hit actually the target with our relentless prognosticating. Here’s where we stand with all that.

EXPERTS’ VIEWS: “Argo” leads Gold Derby’s poll of 26 experts with 12 votes, followed by “Les Miserables” (6), “Zero Dark Thirty” (3), “Lincoln” (3), “Silver Linings Playbook” (1) and “Life of Pi” (1).

EDITORS’ VIEWS: Our editors are split thus – 5 for “Argo,” 3 for “Les Miserables.”

USERS’ VIEWS: “Lincoln” leads with 11/2 odds, followed by “Les Miserable” (6/1), “Argo” (6/1), “The Master” (8/1) and “Silver Linings Playbook” (12/1).

READERS’ POLL: Currently, as of this writing, “Argo” leads our poll, followed by “Les Miserables” and “Lincoln.”
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3 thoughts on “Oscars update: Current state of the Best Picture race

  1. I don’t get why everyone is overhyping Argo. It’s a fine film sure, but presentation-wise it’s such an average one. It will not win technical awards and it’s lucky if it gets a single acting nod (from Alin Arkin, respectively.) It’s like this years Moneyball, a crowd pleasing film that has mainstream audiences support and whatnot but when it comes down to it, there’s FAR too much competition to win Best Picture and especially Director (pffftt!). Not when Ang Lee, Spielberg, Hooper, Tarantino, Jackson and just about every other big name Director has (better) films this year. I just can’t wait for this Argo hype to die down already.

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