‘Argo’ beats ‘Lincoln’ to bag USC Scripter Award

“Argo” continued its kudos romp by snagging the USC Scripter Award for best book-to-screen adaptation at a black-tie fete at the Edward L. Doheny Memorial Library at USC on Saturday night. The prize was bestowed to screenwriter Chris Terrio and authors Joshua Bearman and Antonio J. Mendez.

“Ago” beat “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” “Lincoln,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Life of Pi” and “Perks of Being a Wallflower. All nominees except “Perks” compete at the upcoming Oscars.

The Scripter Award is widely perceived as a harbinger of Oscar glory, having previously gone to the following flicks that shared both honors: “The Descendants,” “The Social Network,” “Slumdog Millionaire” and “No Country for Old Men,” as well as “Up in the Air,” “Capote” and “Children of Men.”

7 thoughts on “‘Argo’ beats ‘Lincoln’ to bag USC Scripter Award

  1. This is ridiculous. Even if Argo wins Picture, and I don’t think it should, Lincoln’s script should win every award for which it is eligible. I recognize they have to justify Argo winning the big prize with some other wins, but this is appalling. A lot of people may really like Argo, but I can guarantee you a lot of people will no longer want to watch the Oscars or Affleck movies after this rigged race.

  2. haha I love these nerds (Meaning Zach and Brittain). It can’t win because the director wasn’t nominated…so what? If it is the best then it’s the best. Only you two and fat middle aged woman watch the oscars anymore. Go back to dry humping your pillows boys.

  3. Who actually wants Lincoln to win? Ugh. That film was so polished for a plea of Oscar. It’s a bit bland – considering true filmmaking like Beasts of the Southern Wild or Zero Dark Thirty won’t be honored as much this year. I do think Argo is still an impeccable film compared to Lincoln. Lincoln is just the “Gandhi” of 2012.

  4. I am fascinated by that. I honestly don’t think the Delores Kearns Goodwin book that Lincoln was based on translated that well into film, and neither did Life of Pi. I wonder if others thought that as well? Or is the juggernaut of Argo just coloring everyone’s minds when it comes to voting?

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