Emmy poll: Can ‘Arrested Development’ win Best Comedy Series?

Maybe it’s a little too early to say definitively that “Arrested Development” will win the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Let’s start with “can win.” Now that you’ve seen all or some of the new episodes just released by Netflix, do you believe “Arrested Development” is good enough to bag TV’s top award?

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It’s facing lots of fierce competition, including “Modern Family,” which has gone undefeated three times, but maybe its winning streak is over. “”30 Rock” stopped at three wins. “Frasier” bagged five – that’s the record. “Arrested Development” is up against “Louie,” “Girls,” “Veep,” “The Big Bang Theory” and, oh, yeah, “30 Rock.” “Arrested Development” won back in 2004, pulling off a spectacular upset despite low TV Nielsens. That victory helped to keep it on the air for two more years, long enough to help it to develop a devoted (and bonkers) cult following.

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Six out of the 11 Emmy experts polled by Gold Derby believe “Arrested Development” will be nominated, but none is predicting it to win: Debra Birnbaum and Matt Roush (TV Guide Magazine), John Kubicek (BuddyTV), Ken Tucker, me and my fellow Gold Derby editor Paul Sheehan. See their rankings here.

5 thoughts on “Emmy poll: Can ‘Arrested Development’ win Best Comedy Series?

  1. I had mixed emotions on the first viewing, but the second time through I’m loving it. The George Sr. episodes are weak though. Also not crazy about the Lindsay episodes. I think if we’re comparing it to all the other potential nominees, it should win, though I’m not sure the Emmy voters could be that cool. But they have have surprised me before, so maybe it could win. Louie is the only show I would want to see win this category. But I bet I’m going to be disappointed on Emmy night when Modern Family takes it, lol.

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