Emmy FYC: ‘Arrested Development’ is a true work of art

Smart, sassy, sophisticated wit – that’s what the New Yorker is celebrated for, and so is “Arrested Development,” come to think of it. That’s why Netflix chose to partner with the venerable magazine while reaching beyond traditional ways to mount a FYC campaign during Emmy voting season. They created a special advertorial in the magazine’s June 24 issue, which hits newsstands on Monday, targeting both consumer and TV industry audiences.

The artwork is drawn by New Yorker illustrator Brett Affranti, who employs a classic Al Hirschfeld style to depict the cast of “Arrested Development” in poses revealing quirks about their characters. There’s Will Arnett as a failed magician who just can’t quit those bungled card tricks. David Cross still hasn’t figured out that the word on the front of his t-shirt is not a chic product brand that he believes is pronounced “shah-mal-ee.” It’s “shemale.”

And, oh, yes, no one will ever pry that martini glass from Jessica Walter’s fierce paw unless perhaps to refill it –and quickly– lest she blast the bartender with a damning bon mot.

12 thoughts on “Emmy FYC: ‘Arrested Development’ is a true work of art

  1. Actually, the original joke is on Lindsay but Tobias wears the shirt in the new season so you can totally believe that he was told by either her or Maeby and didn’t question it for a second.

  2. @All of you:
    You’re both right and wrong simultaneously.

    Tobias wears it in S4, but Maebe originally gave the shirt to Lindsey season two, who claims it was a designer brand when she’s trying to trick Steve Holt into thinking her mom is a transvestite.

  3. Everyone going on about Shemale being Lindsay’s shirt– yes it was, but Tobias wears it in S4. Throughout the series (S1-3) he’s worn her clothes. Even the pilot he’s wearing her blouse. It’s something he does.

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