Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today) top expert at predicting BAFTA winners with 80%

Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today) was our top expert at predicting the BAFTA Awards. She nailed 16 of the 20 categories, including the upsets by “Les Miserables” (Production Design) and “Life of Pi” (Cinematography). She missed out on just four categories, going with the favorites for Adapted Screenplay, Animated Feature, Production Design and Makeup & Hairstyling. 

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Tariq Khan (Fox News) was second with 75% while Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes), Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby) and Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) all scored 70%. 

Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) and Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) came in at 65% and Guy Lodge (HitFix) got 45%. 

Edward Douglas (Coming Soon) predicted 15 races and scored 67% while Thelma Adams (Yahoo) foresaw “Argo” winning Best Picture. 

16/20 Correct
Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today)

15/20 Correct
Tariq Khan (Fox News)

14/20 Correct
Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes)
Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby)
Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

13/20 Correct
Peter Travers (Rolling Stone)
Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby)

9/20 Correct
Guy Lodge (HitFix)

10/15 Correct
Edward Douglas (Coming Soon

1/1 Correct
Thelma Adams (Yahoo)

3 thoughts on “Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today) top expert at predicting BAFTA winners with 80%

  1. Got 10/20. Would have been 13/20 but put up what my heart wanted rather than the three I knew would win even if I didn’t want them to. Love the idea of putting the users by the so called “experts” who often aren’t.

  2. I also scored 75%. I had Argo for Adapted Screenplay (SLP 2nd choice); I had Frankenweenie for Animated (Brave 2nd); I had Anna Karenina and Life of Pi ahead of Les Mis for Production Design; and I had Skyfall for Cinematography (Life of Pi 2nd); and finally I had Life of Pi ahead of Skyfall for score (Skyfall 2nd).

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