Poll: Is ‘Breaking Bad’ ridiculously overrated? Or genius?

In our forums, some posters insist “Breaking Bad” = Greatest. Show. Ever. Others say it ranks with “The Wire” and “The Sopranos” as one of the tube’s top three.

Personally, all that strikes me as absurd. “The Wire” was overrated. “Breaking Bad” is aces, but nowhere near as perfect as “The Sopranos.” But, hey, that’s just one guy’s take. Most important: what is your opinion?

Pipe in below, tell us what you think and let’s set the record straight.



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6 thoughts on “Poll: Is ‘Breaking Bad’ ridiculously overrated? Or genius?

  1. Anyone who say ‘The Wire was overrated’ instantly loses all my respect. It’s the greatest work of art in the history of the medium. If it’s not one of your favorite all-time shows, that’s one thing, but overrated? Come on.

    The Sopranos was not perfect. Is it one of the greatest shows of all-time? Absolutely, but the two part final season left a lot to be desired, although I personally do like the ending.

    As for Breaking Bad, it’s in my all-time top five for sure.

  2. Breaking Bad was a very good show when it was somewhat under the radar in the first two seasons. It mostly came off as a very serviceable series to watch until something truly great again came along. The reasons for its lack of greatness are better covered in other ‘Breaking Bad is Overrated’ articles. However, the strangely enthusiastic fanboism that grew around this show only serves to highlight its weaknesses, as well as prompt thereafter warranted comparisons to better shows that vastly outclass it. In a sense, the fanboism does the show a disfavor by overshooting its class as a good show and not letting it settle into its deserved reputation as an entertaining diversion that fans of cable series dramas, who can stand its often glacially slow pace, should watch. Instead, its been elevated to ‘the best show ever’, a pedestal that it can only fall disappointingly from, in the likely instance that the cable series fan has seen something that is not only truly better but in an entirely different league.

  3. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Pretty much for the last year, fanboys have ruined the show for me with their proclamations that Breaking Bad is the be all and end all of television…that nothing has ever been as good, nothing will ever be as good, the actors can’t possibly do anything as important in their careers ever again. It is slightly overrated, yes. I know people who won’t even try the show because they’re so freaking sick of fanboys that won’t shut up about it. I love the show, and I can be talked into thinking it’s one of the top 10 shows of the decade, but the best show to ever exist? That’s just a matter of personal taste. There’s no such thing as a collective “greatest show ever” because it’s different for everyone. For me, the greatest show to ever exist was Deadwood. And I’m glad I wasn’t so dumb as to think the actors could never do anything as important in their careers after that, because Timothy Olyphant and the world was given this wonderful gift called Justified. There’s always room for quality television to come in the future. There are shows coming that will be just as good as Breaking Bad, and maybe even better.

  4. The Sopranos > The Wire > Boardwalk Empire > Oz > Breaking Bad… All the bandwagon fans need to watch these shows thoroughly and rethink… The Sopranos is by far the greatest show ever made, the Wire can also make that claim but in my opinion Sopranos is the best

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