Can Aaron Paul (‘Breaking Bad’) repeat as Drama Supporting Actor at Emmys?

At last year’s Emmys, Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad“) broke the curse of the Best Drama Supporting Actor. This 2010 champ became the first winner in 17 years to pick up another trophy for the same role. 

Our editors and users agree that he is all but certain to take home Emmy #3 this year. With the backing of seven editors and two-thirds of users, he has leading odds of 19 to 10

In second place is Mandy Patinkin who was snubbed last year for the first season of “Homeland.” With about 15% of users expecting him to win this year, that gives him odds of 4 to 1. 

With the backing of 5% of users, 2011 winner Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones“) has odds of 13 to 2. 

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Sam Waterston, who contended unsuccessfully in the lead race for his last two drama series — “Law & Order” and “I’ll Fly Away” — is likely to reap a bid for the first season of “The Newsroom.” However, he has odds of only 10 to 1. 

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While Paul’s co-star Jonathan Banks is likely to land his first nomination, he has odds of only 12 to 1.

Currently, Corey Stoll is tipped to take the sixth slot for the first season of House of Cards.” He has odds of 25 to 1. However, Brendan Coyle could reap a repeat bid for “Downton Abbey.” 

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8 thoughts on “Can Aaron Paul (‘Breaking Bad’) repeat as Drama Supporting Actor at Emmys?

  1. I’m shocked that most of you didn’t pick him to win last year but this year, he just does not have the Emmy episode. I hope it’s josh charles for the good wife

  2. I’m definitely rooting for Mandy Patinkin and Jonathan Banks, but the Emmy voters don’t seem to really appreciate subtle performances in this category as much as they should. They like big giant performances to win here, as is also true in the lead actor category. I think this is going to be a wild card race that will be difficult to figure out until the bitter end. Even guessing who’s going to be nominated is difficult here. But I do think Aaron Paul and Mandy Patinkin are shoo-ins. And I think if Mandy Patinkin submits The Choice as his episode, he’ll have a good shot of winning.

  3. I’m rooting for either Aaron Paul or Mandy Patinkin to win this year, with a slight edge to Aaron. The problem for Aaron Paul this year is his role was diminished greatly from years past. I think Aaron has a wide range and would win hands down if he had meatier scenes for Season 5. Does everybody here remember how Giancarlo Esposito was supposed to be the hands down favorite last year? Aaron Paul won it because he showed more range. Nothing against Giancarlo, but when the only emotion you show is…well…nothing…a stone cold stare, it hurts your chances of winning a supporting award. Same goes for Mandy. He’s a brilliant actor, but his performance is definitely more subdued than Aaron Paul. Supporting awards go to the actor that can command your attention! Having said all of that, I’m not sure Aaron Paul has the episode to win. I hope I’m wrong!

  4. Surely the editors only have him in first place because he’s just about the only one locked to be nominated? I don’t recall any of his tapes actually being stand-outs. I can’t help but feel that Banks or Patinkin will move up in the rankings, should they be nominated. Not only that, but Corey Stoll could be a real dark-horse contender if the voters take him into consideration.

  5. Here’s the problem: We all thought that Giancarlo Esposito would win last year, despite Aaron Paul having a stronger tape. Emmy voters proved that the tape matters. Now Aaron Paul really doesn’t have a stellar tape to speak of (writers’ fault, not his) and the editors are behind him? Nah. Mandy Patinkin will likely turn into the frontrunner, with Jonathan Banks (my pick) and Corey Stoll serving as solid competition as the season progresses.

  6. I’ll be rooting for Mandy. “The Choice” is as commanding a performance as he’s shown on that show. He was the total MVP of that episode, and I agree that if he submits that tape he’ll have a great chance of winning.

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