Why is Katherine Kelly Lang always snubbed at Daytime Emmys?

Daytime diva Susan Lucci famously lost 18 times at the Daytime Emmys before finally winning Best Actress for “All My Children” in 1999. However, Katherine Kelly Lang has received much less attention despite suffering an even worse Daytime Emmy fate: though she has starred on “The Bold and the Beautiful” for its entire quarter-century run, she has never even been nominated.

Her continued snubs are especially surprising when you consider how well her co-stars have fared. Susan Flannery, who played her chief on-screen rival until last year, won Best Actress three times (2000, 2002, and 2003) and has another five nominations for the role. As her on-screen daughter, Jennifer Finnigan won Best Younger Actress three years in a row (2002-2004). And most recently, her on-screen sister Heather Tom has won two Emmys: Best Supporting Actress in 2011 and Best Actress in 2012.

In previous years, Lang competed as a lead actress, but this time she entered the race for Best Supporting Actress. After a preliminary round of voting, she is now one of ten pre-nominees competing to make the final five, and if our predictions prove true, she will finally break through: with 4/1 odds, she ranks third in the category. Two of our experts — Nelson Branco (Soap Opera Uncensored) and Jamey Giddens (Daytime Confidential) — even think she’ll win.

Why has Lang never been nominated before, and will she finally make the cut when nominations are announced this Wednesday?

Our posters have been busy dishing her awards history in our forums. Read their select thoughts below, and join the discussion here.

gdfl: I am actually unsure about how I feel about her in Supporting this year. If she is nominated, I hope it doesn’t give the impression that Supporting is an easier category, or shadow the fact that KKL is, and always has been, the soul of B&B.

eastwest: I used to wonder if it was the role, but that feels like a cop out, because there have been plenty vixen portrayals that have been nominated and won throughout the years.

EmmyLoser: There was definitely a year or two when I thought KKL would get nominated and then later found out she submitted poorly [to the blue-ribbon panels that decide nominees]. But that’s clearly not her only problem.

Jake: Pairing [her] with Ronn Moss didn’t help much and after all she is a subtler actress than Susan Flannery or Heather Tom, who work the best in juicy fireworks kind of stories.

GloFish: While most people complain about KKL never receiving a nomination despite her two plus decades on Daytime television, Bobbie Eakes and Hunter Tylo also never received nominations for their work on “B&B” despite often turning in stellar performances.

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