Will Bryan Cranston (‘Breaking Bad’) win Drama Actor Emmy #4?

Beginning in 2008, Bryan Cranston won Best Drama Actor three years in a row for his work on the gritty series “Breaking Bad.” 

Last year, he returned to the race after a year hiatus. While he was forecast to win, Damian Lewis rode the “Homeland” juggernaut to victory.

This year, Cranston is poised to wreak his revenge. With the backing of three editors and two-thirds of users, he has leading odds of 23 to 10.

Compare that overwhelming support to two editors and 20% of users predicting Lewis to prevail again for the sophomore season of this Showtime hit. That translates to odds of 3 to 1. 

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Two-time Oscar champ Kevin Spacey (“The Usual Suspects,” “American Beauty”) makes his regular series debut with “House of Cards.” This remake of the Brit hit is available on demand on Netflix. Two editors and 5% of users foresee victory for him. 

Perennial also-ran Jon Hamm is expected to lose his sixth bid for “Mad Men.” Indeed, he has only 2% of users backing his bid and odds of 8 to 1. 

Also foreseen as having to be satisfied with just the nomination is Jeff Daniels for the first season of “The Newsroom” with odds of 10 to 1.

And Steve Buscemi is forecast to be third time unlucky for “#Broadwalk Empire#” with odds of only 16 to 1. 

4 thoughts on “Will Bryan Cranston (‘Breaking Bad’) win Drama Actor Emmy #4?

  1. I’m still in shock Damian lost the SAG, and I am still in shock Cranston lost at last year’s Emmys. So I obviously have a tendency to bet on the wrong pony. But I bet both those races were close. This race seems like a Sophie’s choice. Cranston is so awesomely Cranston, but I’m sure Q&A will be Damian’s episode submission, and he is truly incredible in that. It’s a highly emotional episode that grabs you by the throat. Damian may be hurt by the fact that many people felt the second season of Homeland was not quite as good as the first, but Cranston could be hurt by voter fatigue from all his previous wins. I’m curious to see which episode he submits, because I have no idea. Maybe the one that comes after Train Job where he justifies the kid’s death. It will maybe be easier to guess the winner once we know what the submissions are. But I won’t lie, my heart is with Damian Lewis. I am in love with that guy. He is my redhead crush. Look for Kevin Spacey to get a nomination (if they are willing to take online shows like House of Cards seriously), and then look for him to get the win at the next Golden Globes.

  2. this category has been way too deep for way too long for continued repeats.
    plus, where’s kevin bacon and michael c. hall on this list?
    regardless, i’m pulling for the way overdue hamm.

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