Will ‘Homeland’ win Drama Series again at Emmys?

At last year’s Emmys, “Homeland” pulled off a shocking upset, winning Best Drama Series for its freshman season.

The hit political thriller returns to defend its title this year. And with four editors and two-thirds of users predicting it to prevail again, it has leading odds of 9 to 4

In second place is perennial also-ran “Breaking Bad.” It had been expected to win this race last year. This time around, two editors and 10% of users are forecasting victory, giving it odds of 10 to 3.

Downton Abbey,” which won Best Movie/Miniseries in 2010 for its first season, contended in this category last year. This time around, one editor and 5% of users expect it to win, for odds of 11 to 2. 

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Four-time champ “Mad Men” was completely shut out at last year’s Emmys. This year, it has so little support that its odds are 15 to 2. 

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Third time is unlikely to be the charm for “Game of Thrones,” which has odds of 16 to 1.  

The remake of the Brit hit “House of Cards” is likely to round out this race. However, it is the longshot with odds of just 20 to 1. 

6 thoughts on “Will ‘Homeland’ win Drama Series again at Emmys?

  1. Was it really a shocking upset last year though? I mean, c’mon, was it really? I don’t understand how anyone can think that. It seemed so obvious Homeland would win the second the finale finished airing. Hell, it seemed the way from the night the pilot first aired. At least that’s how I saw it, so I felt no surprise when its name was called as being the winner. I only felt much joy and happiness, and there may have been dancing around the room. Its chances could be hurt by the fact so many felt the second season was weaker than the first though. I worry about that. Despite the few faults it had, I still think it was the best roller coaster ride in the theme park, so I hope it wins! But if it can’t be Homeland, then I hope it’s Breaking Bad. Just anything other than Downton Abbey, really. If Downton Abbey wins then the Emmys will be dead to me forever. Also, I think there is a possibility Game of Thrones could be shut out of this category. Hard to say for sure until I see the upcoming season, but I don’t think Boardwalk Empire will be shut out. That is absolutely getting nominated, they had their best season to date last year thanks to Bobby Cannavale’s fantastic, crazy Gyp Rosetti character. Now for House of Cards…I am watching that right this very second. I am only three episodes in, so I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet.

  2. Homeland’s Season Two was a serious step down from Season One. It’s undeniable, and the criticism was all over as the sporadic plot and character developments was just unconvincing and disappointing. I’d certainly not like to see it win on the carryover “hype,” but I do recognize Homeland may do well when it comes down to the tapes submitted (vs. what people might think if the season is considered as a whole). I hope Game of Thrones Season 3 is strong—we’ll see soon. It’s by far the most epic and ambitious show on television, I’d hate to see it miss a nomination…but that depends on the quality. Breaking Bad had a very strong half-season, BUT it was only 8 episodes…could that work against it? Who knows, my feeling is if voters want to award the show and the finale is a slam dunk during the voting period, they will go ahead and award it. It’s a shame that Vince Gilligan has yet to be recognized.

  3. P.S. The Homeland core group is amazing: Claire, Damian, and Mandy. They carry the show, plain and simple. But I’m damn sick of some of the other actors: the Brody kids and Finn Walden, Diego (Mike), and yes even Morena lol. I was pretty elated they didn’t get the SAG Ensemble award—a case when the ensemble may not be as strong as some of its component parts.

  4. I don’t get the homeland-love, it’s just an overrated 24 copycat with anti middle east propaganda thrown in for good mesure.
    Claire Danes is ok i guess but the male lead is just awful, he’s as subtle as a wwe superstar.
    How can you determine the odds of something that hasn’t begun airing yet, is that just to show that the emmys don’t reward quality ? Everyone knew that already.

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