Will Julia Louis-Drefyus (‘Veep’) win Comedy Actress Emmy again?

Last year, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won Best Comedy Actress for the first season of her HBO laffer “Veep.”

With the backing of four of our editors and half of our users, she has leading odds of 13 to 5 to repeat.

However, she faces a strong challenge from recent Golden Globe champ Lena Dunham who is contending for the sophomore season of her HBO hit “Girls.” With the support of two of our editors and 25% of users, she has odds of 14 to 5.

In third place, with the vote of one editor and 10% of users is 2009 winner Tina Fey for the farewell season of “30 Rock.” She has odds of 11 to 2 to take home a bookend. 

Amy Poehler, who had been expected to win last year for “Parks and Recreation,” has seen her hopes dim and has the support of just 5% of users for odds of 15 to 2.

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Also expected to be an also-ran is 2010 winner Edie Falco for “Nurse Jackie.” She has almost no support and odds of 14 to 1.

Rounding out the race is Zooey Deschanel, who was snubbed last year for the freshman season of “New Girl.” While she is forecast to reap a bid this year, her odds of winning are 14 to 1.   

9 thoughts on “Will Julia Louis-Drefyus (‘Veep’) win Comedy Actress Emmy again?

  1. Two Things:

    Zooey Deschanel was nominated last year, but she didn’t win.

    Poehler was not expected to win last year, and was in second place based on odds, for most of the Emmy season last year.

  2. This is because Emmy voters are boring…I’m so sick of the same people winning over and over and over and over again. I mean…what’s the point?

  3. I hope/think Tina Fey may get the Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond treatment and be celebrated for the final season despite recent seasons. I also think Jane Krakowski may ride the wave and give Julie Bowen and Sofia Vagara a run this year.

  4. Won’t the next season of Veep have to air first before speculation begins on whether Julia will win or not?? dur

  5. I’m interested in seeing how this race plays out. Lena Dunham is incredibly strong right now. She has had quite a year with her two Golden Globe wins, her WGA win for new series, and her DGA win for directing (not to mention being the first female director to ever pull off this feat for a comedy). But her show is so divisive, it’s either a love it or hate it kind of thing (I personally love it), and I wonder how many Emmy voters are on the hate side. I don’t think they can ignore her other successes though. But Tina really does have a chance at the upset.

  6. Julia shouldn’t submit her name for consideration, she has 3 Emmys. This is her 3rd variation of Elaine, hope Jerry get’s a percentage. How can the TV Academy keep nominating her? She isn’t that funny and her range isn’t much.

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