POLL: Let’s help Jeff Daniels (‘The Newsroom’) pick his Emmy-winning episode for NEXT year

Jeff Daniels shocked many awards pundits by winning the Emmy for Best Drama Actor for the inaugural season of “The Newsroom” Sunday night, defeating frontrunner Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad“) and last year’s victor Damian Lewis (“Homeland“).

The 2013 Emmys made our mouths drop open on more than one occassion, but now that they’re a thing of the past, it’s time to look into the future.

Next year’s Best Drama Actor race is already gaining buzz from awards watchers thanks to the final seasons of “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter,” as well as part one of the final season of “Mad Men.” This essentially means that all three leading gentlemen — Cranston, Michael C. Hall and Jon Hamm — will be on the hunt for an Emmy parting gift.

Does Daniels have the material to take all of them down?

With the second season of HBO’s “The Newsroom” already complete, now is the perfect time to discuss Daniels’ chances for next year’s ceremony while his performance is still fresh in our minds.

What episode from the second season should Daniels submit to Emmy voters in order to make it two for two? There are only nine episodes to choose from in season two, so cast your vote below!

4 thoughts on “POLL: Let’s help Jeff Daniels (‘The Newsroom’) pick his Emmy-winning episode for NEXT year

  1. A part of me thinks that, with all of the outcry on the forums to his win, some people could use this opportunity to sabotage his chances.

    That said, the few people I’ve talked to about this say that “NewsNight with Will McAvoy” might be his best tape.

  2. The Genoa Tip for the 9/11 flashback. Remember, Daniels didn’t win for range, he won for a memorable monologue. He needs something that will have immediate impact and has him doing a speech very actorly.

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