Matt Noble: Emmys got it right with most winners

Neil Patrick-Harris did a great job hosting this year’s Emmys, starting with a fun opening that included binge watching the whole year on TV and then fighting with past hosts which led to a brilliant nod to “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey. He then kept the show moving for three hours.

However,the reason I loved this year’s Emmys was because of the achievements in television that were honoured.

Tony Hale winning for “Veep” was such a joy to see as he gave two of the greatest supporting performances of the year with this show and “Arrested Development.” Following that up with a deserved repeat win by “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus led to the funniest acceptance speech of the night as Hale, in character, joined her on stage to feed her names to thank.

Breaking Bad” breaking into the drama series winner’s club just had to happen. Not winning after five bids would have been one of Emmy’s biggest crimes. Now it can rightfully take its place  alongside “The Sopranos,” “The West Wing” and “Mad Men.”

After a decade-long winning streak for “The Daily Show”, “The Colbert Report” was finally able to take the variety series gong. It seems so right that after years of brilliant satire Stephen Colbert was the one who was finally able to break his parent show’s stranglehold on the category. 

While there has been far from universal acclaim for “The Newsroom,” it is difficult to deny the incredible performance by Jeff Daniels. It was great to see him win a category which has been somewhat uncomfortable with sharing the love around.

However, not every victory was inspiring this year. “Modern Family” winning again for comedy series was a stale choice and it was disappointing to see it join the likes of “Cheers” and “All in the Family” as a four-time champ. 

And choosing to showcase others ahead of the late Jack Klugman was nonsensical. In his five decades on TV, he won an Emmy for a dramatic role on “The Defenders” and Best Comedy Actor twice for “The Odd Couple” and reaped 10 bids in all. 

7 thoughts on “Matt Noble: Emmys got it right with most winners

  1. I don’t get the Modern Family hate? The show has been consistent for the past 4 seasons and still makes me laugh. To say that it doesn’t deserve to join the likes of Cheers etc is silly. I think it’s one of the best sitcoms of all time and clearly the Emmys reflected this

  2. I can understand that there are those who dislike a show. I can understand that there are those who love a show. What I can’t understand are the critics/viewers who hate when a show gets recognized for being successful. Modern Family is a great show. There’s something for everyone. We’ve got something for the straight family, the gay family, the Latino family, the young viewers, the viewers of color, the Americans, the non-Americans. It includes a variety of different kinds of people and there are no other shows like it. To say it doesn’t deserve to be recognized like Cheers or Frasier or All in the Family is just plain ridiculous. How many black people were on Cheers? Was there an openly gay lead character on Frasier? I hate comparisons but come on. Modern Family isn’t All in the Family because this is 2013.

  3. “Modern Family” has not been consistent. Not since season two. There have been highlights, great moments and killer lines, but that does not a consistent show make. “The Middle” is consistent.

    “Big Bang” should have won. And Damian Lewis should have repeated for “Q&A” — if Jon Hamm couldn’t win (which itself is criminal).

  4. I never comment but I have to say, I’m getting really ticked off at the newfound trendiness of hating on “Modern Family”. This is not in any way a slight to Matt, who I like and respect and who has provided a satisfactory write-up. It is just a brilliant show and always has been. I guess there is no way for anyone here to know for sure, so just take my word for it when I say that I take pride in being discerning and never toss words like “brilliant” around.
    It blends style and balances structure wonderfully, the ensemble works like gangbusters, and in every episode even upon rewatch I find all sorts of jokes or observations that not unfailingly make me crack up and remind me of my own family. But let’s look at this logically. Looking at guild awards and Emmy results clearly show that every sector of the people who actually make TV loves this show, so much that the WGA jut voted it in the top 20 sitcoms of all time. The scholarly AFI always includes it in their yealy mentions. Audiences love it, as it pulls in 10+ million viewers a week. And for at least the first few years it was the overwhelming critical favorite as well. In short, it has been endorsed by everyone who could matter. Now that it is the popular kid at school, this leaves the pop culture obsessives to moan about how tired it is. These are the same people that rip on “Titanic” and “Forrest Gump”, even though both are well-done and beloved by millions, as well as bash “30” Rock” for not forever keeping up with its insanely high bar (then shower it with praise anew when it departs from the air). Though I respect differences of opinion, it is only in the little awards-related internet bubble world you will find such harping. Ask around anywhere else and you will find “Modern Family” has an almost universal approval rating still.

  5. Also, further thoughts. Whether something is “consistent” is not a definitive evaluation. “The Middle”, a commendable show, is consistent – is is always a B or B+. “Modern Family” is a B or B+ on an off day and an A on a good day – less consistent but decisively better. Also, while I’m not sure “Modern Family” has reached the level of “Cheers” or “All in the Family”, A) it is impossible to know what its reputation will be in 30 years (my hunch is it will stand up), and B) “Frasier” has 5 wins and despite being obviously excellent does not quite stand up to those classics, but “Modern Family” easily stands up to “Frasier”. In the category of non-“Modern Family” related opinion… I was truly happy for everyone behind “Breaking Bad”, a show I only watch occasionally (it’s just too scary for my everyday use), but blows me away quality-wise every time I do tune in. They had it coming after all these years and seemed truly elated to be at the podium. “The Colbert Report” remains one of the sharpest and most inventive shows on the air and was the perfect program to put an end to the deserving but long streak for “The Daily Show”. Glad to see both Matt and I found these victories definite highlights. P.S. My comment below should say “unfailingly” rather than “not unfailingly” which is obviously the opposite. Just in case anyone was confused (darn proofread…).

  6. I agree with the below commenter. Theres a weird amount of Modern Family hate on this particular site, but the show has really held up in my opinion. If i had to stack all 4 seasons up next to each other, would season 4 be my least favorite? I suppose it would, but its still great and still better than most other comedies out there. I think the “hate” comes from fans of deserving “indie” shows, which have less of an audience, not getting due recognition. Things like 30 Rock, Veep, Parks and Rec, Louie. Awards watchers, I suspect, love to see a deserving underdog come out on top to defeat that mass appeal juggernaut. We dont know how it will stand the test of time yet, so comparing Modern Family to Frasier or All in the Family is a bit premature to me. I just know its a well made, quality, relatable show. And deserves its recognition.

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