Poll: Can ‘Game of Thrones’ really steal Emmy crown?

The battle for the iron throne will ascend the Emmys’ golden stage this year, according to expert Matt Roush. He thinks HBO’s “Game of Thrones” will be the rare fantasy series to win Best Drama, explaining, “’Game of Thrones’ has to win some year, much like ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and this is its best since year one and ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Homeland’ are both vulnerable.”

He stands alone among our experts and editors in predicting a win for “Thrones,” which has been nominated for the last two years. Four experts and six editors expect a repeat win for last year’s surprise champ “Homeland.” Two experts are betting on “Downton Abbey.” One expert thinks “Breaking Bad” will take top honors, while one editor gives “House of Cards” the edge.

Not all of our predictors agree that “Thrones” will even be nominated this year. Only three out of seven editors rank it among the likely nominees, while four out of eight experts predict it to make the lineup.

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The Emmys are notoriously fickle when it comes to science fiction and fantasy. Only one such program has ever won a top series prize: “Lost” in 2005. Other shows – like “Star Trek,” “The X-Files,” and “True Blood” – have occasionally been nominated but never won, and most are never nominated at all, so “Game of Thrones,” with two Drama Series bids and eight Emmy wins to date, is already one of the most successful fantasy shows at the awards.

Our users are more optimistic about “Game’s” prospects, with 13 predicting it will win, placing it fifth overall. However, it’s well behind frontrunner “Homeland,” which is backed by more than 400 users.

Can “Game of Thrones” really win? Take our poll, and discuss the series in our forums.

One thought on “Poll: Can ‘Game of Thrones’ really steal Emmy crown?

  1. I’m sure there is a prejudice against Fantasy/SF/Horror shows but really, how many actually genuinely deserved to win the top gong? GOT was deservedly nominated in its first year but suffered a slight lapse in quality in year 2. Season 3 so far has had some excellent moments but faces strong criticism for the Theon/Ramsay torture porn sequences. As for Buffy, I remember it’s fans being fairly vocal back in the day on this subject, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the show if I’m being objective it really wasn’t good enough. Some ropey acting and metaphors being rammed down your throat probably didn’t help. The first two seasons of BSG were snubbed however and the first season of American Horror Story deserved more Emmy love than it got. However the ultimate snub has too be all 5 seasons of The Wire. More deserving than any SFF or Horror show I can think of.

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