Is ‘Girls’ too raunchy to win Best Comedy Series Emmy?

As we all know, Emmy voters are notorious for honoring series that are classy, high-brow and full of snob appeal. Does that mean HBO’s raunchy, middle-class “Girls” is out of the running for Best Comedy Series? (Vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.)

When compared to some of Emmy’s past favorites in the Best Comedy Series race, “Girls” seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

Five-time champ “Frasier” was about two rich brothers who drank wine and visited the opera; three-time winner “30 Rock” focused on the inner-workings of a successful television show; current undefeated laffer “Modern Family” delved into the lives of a high-class white family in California; 2004 victor “Arrested Development,” which returns to the Emmy field this year thanks to Netflix, showcased what happened when a snobby family lost all of its money.

We could go on and on.

If “Girls” does manage to buck the trend and secure a Best Comedy Series Emmy for its second season, it will likely be because Emmy voters want to be seen as hip and cool. They wouldn’t be acting alone.

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Already this year, “Girls” has secured victory at the Golden Globes (Best Comedy Series and Best TV Comedy Actress), the WGA (Best New Series) and the AFI Awards (Top 10 TV Series of the Year). In addition, series creator and star Lena Dunham made history at the DGA by becoming the first female winner for directing a Comedy Series.

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“Girls” is the hot show right now, and a win in the top category would be similar to when “Sex and the City” prevailed in 2001. Though unlike the martini-drinking, shoe-shopping women of “Sex and the City,” the characters of “Girls” exist in a much more down-to-earth, average world.

At the upcoming Emmys, Dunham is a sure bet to be recognized in the same four categories she was nominated last year: Comedy Actress, Comedy Writing, Comedy Directing and Best Comedy Series. While Dunham lost all four races in 2012, she’s actually a strong contender this year for Best Comedy Actress, coming in second behind Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep“). The show is also a dark horse for the top Comedy Series prize, nipping at “Modern Family’s” heels.

Find out how much love there is for “Girls” when Emmy nominations are revealed July 18. The 65th Primetime Emmys will air on CBS Sept. 22.

3 thoughts on “Is ‘Girls’ too raunchy to win Best Comedy Series Emmy?

  1. I really don’t think the raunchiness will have an impact on whether it wins or not. What it has in common with those other shows that have won in the past is clever and smart jokes, and as a bonus it thinks outside the box. The only thing that could hurt it I think is there were a few episodes this season which were 100% dramatic, without comedy. Like the Trash episode. By the way, I don’t see Girls as a low-brow show. I tend to think of low-brow shows as being ones with lazy jokes that hit easy targets and are sexist and horrible. Girls is not exactly Two and a Half Men. Low brow shows generally appeal to the lowest common denominator in their audiences. That’s definitely not Girls. They have a pretty specific audience. You’ve gotta have smarts to appreciate a talent like Lena Dunham’s. Right now I do think the show will win. And I expect Adam Driver to get a nomination as well. Maaaaybe Allison Williams too.

  2. I don’t think Girls is particularly raunchy (which reminds me of a teen comedy with lewd sex jokes), but it is a very polarizing show and I agree that its second season wasn’t strictly a comedy. Many episodes had very little comic relief, and that could hold it back more than anything else.

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