Jennifer Lawrence trashes her Oscar rivals on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Well, here's one way for Jennifer Lawrence to dispel all of the hubbub surrounding her flip comment "I beat Meryl Streep!" at the Golden Globes: diss all over the rivals she faces at the Oscars: Jessica Chastain ("Zero Dark Thirty"), Emmanuelle Riva ("Amour"), Naomi Watts ("The Impossible") and Quvenzhane Wallis ("Beasts of the Southern Wild"). That's what she did — with deft comedic flare — as host of "Saturday Night Live" last night.

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16 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence trashes her Oscar rivals on ‘Saturday Night Live’

  1. Agreed with Vanessa here. The irony that some people actually took this bit seriously is not lost on me. Anyone who’s seen the segment and has the basic intelligence of a carrot should realize that this is about making fun of the so-called controversy her ‘I beat Meryl’ caused. She even expresses her adoration to all of them in a few words – probably for the dummies, who still believe she means what she says here -, which is unfortunately a detail that apparently didn’t make its way into every article on this subject out there.

  2. Actually Jennifer made sure to say nice things about each nominee in the end of her sentences so people can’t walk around saying that she was trashing them.. It’s pretty clear she is just joking around

  3. Sadly her movie is weak, last year’s was great..
    Agree about the joke, but she is a talented “big mouth”,bad move,imho

  4. I’m starting to feel desperately sorry for the poor girl – no matter what she does, people are attacking her. I’ll bet if she sneezes, the headline will be “Jennifer Lawrence tries to take out her Oscars competition by giving them the flu!” 1) It’s quite obvious the whole bit is a joke skewing the idiots who attacked her over “I beat Meryl” and 2) she doesn’t write the monologues or sketches.

  5. Probably not a great idea at this stage of the Oscar race. She is a good actress in a so so film. The knives are out for her and it doesn’t help to give them a target even with a totally silly one such as SNL

  6. Tired of Lawrence’s arrogance. Emmanuelle Riva deserves the Oscar this year for her phenomenal performance in Amour but not a whole lot of talk about her sadly.

  7. “Tired of Lawrence’s arrogance”

    Have you ever heard of these things called “actors”. They play FICTIONAL characters on TV stage and movies. Don’t wrap your brain around how Daniel Day Lewis can be both Abraham Lincoln and a Texas oil baron in real life.

  8. J-Law can do no wrong imho. She has the spirit and devil may care attitude of Hollywood renegades of old. And she can do think while being effortlessly charming as well. Anne Hathaway wishes she could.

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