Slap the Stud: Emmy Jilts Handsome Guys

Some of TV’s top heartthrobs seem to have it all, but beware: they can’t score a date with TV’s Golden Girl. Many of them have managed to nab nominations, but victory has eluded them. Is it a backlash against their good looks?

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7 thoughts on “Slap the Stud: Emmy Jilts Handsome Guys

  1. Kyle Chandler won in 2011 and quite the handsome feller. Then again, he was never nominated for “Early Edition”.

  2. Out of the lot, the one true mystery is Michael’s C. Hall’s snub. He is the only one here who is a true chameleon, with the kind of character-actor-crazy-genius talent that would normally get rewarded.

  3. The biggest mystery of all is Michael Landon. The man wasn’t only a hunky actor–he was also a writer and one of the biggest producers and directors of his time. He was on the cover of TV Guide 22 times–a number beaten only by the legendary Lucille Ball. He starred in three wildly popular tv series that spanned 30 years—an unprecedented accomplishment that still hasn’t been matched. His tv shows and movies were nominated for awards like Emmys and Golden Globes, but Michael himself was denied the same nod. Nevertheless, he managed to pile up many an award for writing and acting when the old fogies presiding over the Emmys were not in charge. Still, their refusal to acknowledge him is truly bewildering given his iconic accomplishments.

  4. I think Emmy loves “characters” and the younger actors with a few exceptions such as Michael C. Hall tend to get parts that capitalize on those good looks in plot and dialogue. They have to age to get respect in a “nuanced” role than wins prizes.

  5. This article is really reaching for it. While everyone finds attractiveness in different people, not all of these were hunks and many of them aren’t even talented. Some times your looks gets you the parts – even if you can’t act. Guess on the round table for topics, you came up short and had to put this list together.

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