Will adding public vote make Kennedy Centers Honors more diverse?

The Kennedy Centers Honors is expanding the selection process by welcoming suggestions from the public. Last year, various advocacy groups pointed out that only two Hispanics — Placido Domingo (2000) and Chita Rivera (2002) — numbered among the 185 people feted to date. 

Rivera is to be part of a new committee that will winnow down the list of potential recipients from 20 to 10. Joining her are 2011 honoree Yo Yo Ma; opera singer Harolyn Blackwell and ballet dancer Damian Woetzel who sit on the Artist Committee; and board members Cappy McGarr and Elaine Wynn.

The Artist Committee, which comes up with the original list of 20, is to be expanded as well to ensure the broadest of representation. And the public can petition the committee with their choices. 

However, even with these new mechanisms in place, the five honorees still will be determined by the executive committee of the Kennedy Center board of trustees. They will act on the recommendations of the  Center chair, president and the producers of the kudocast who willl cull from this list of 10 possibilities. 

40 thoughts on “Will adding public vote make Kennedy Centers Honors more diverse?

  1. Just maybe with this change,there maybe a chance even Jerry Lewis might have a chance of finally being honored.

  2. Jane Fonda should be on this list, but we all know that would never happened with her political past. Bernadette Peter, Bette Midler, Cicely Tyson and Robert Duvall would be good add on’s as well.

  3. Both Dustin Hoffman and Buddy Guy received the Kennedy Center Honor already. Last year in fact. That said, there is no one more deserving of the award than America’s greatest actor, Gene Hackman!

  4. There is discrimination everywhere and everything,in this case honoring people not just latin entertainers,african-american,foreign born and older people and some one of handicap.That just how it is in hollywood.

  5. Kat: I totally agree with The Eagles.
    I only knew about Hotel California and desperado because of the radio. Then I saw the 2005 blu-ray from Melbourne in their Farewell Tour 1, then I saw the documentary from this year. And I dont know what to say. 14 years apart, coming back together and better than ever. Crazy! Now 65+ years, and still going strong on stage. And Joe Walsh came out of his drug problems because of the reunion, an amazing story. And now i honestly think they are the best band in the world. They also have the most sold album in the last century, a thing noone ever can take from them. I recommend you all to first; watch tje new documentary History of Eagles, and then the concert Farewell Tour 1 Live in Melbourne 2005, and I can garantee musical perfectionism and a story of the greatest american band ever.

  6. Kennedy center honors :Jerry Lewis,Al Pacino,Rita Moreno,Don Henley & Glenn Frey,Fredrica Von Strade(opera mezzo-soprano).

  7. Updated Kennedy Center Honors prediction:Don Henley & Glen Frey;Jerry Lewis;George Lucas;Rita Moreno;Fredrica Von Strade.

  8. I sudden realized that no matter who we select from this new way of selecting ,this so called ‘committee’ will pick its own honorees.

  9. I want to see The Eagles get this award/Recognition. They deserve it very much. Tell me how many music bands would reunite after 14 years and still have such a huge fan following. No other band can boast of such comebacks. Even though they went their different ways after The Long Run album, because their music is so good, their albums sold like hot cake, apart from their Greatest hits. Infact, I prefer the Music of the Eagles to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc. When you listen to music, it should be pleasing to your ears, it should have a message and harmonies apart from the instruments played. In all these spheres, the EAGLES are the best. So go ahead and give them the Kennedy award. Even if the award does not come at the right time, the crowds that they draw even nowadays is a honor to their fantastic music they have given us from their first album in 1971 till the Long Road out of Eden.

  10. ARLO GUTHRIE should receive the award for 2014 for his lifetime achievements in the world of folk music. Not only for his songs but for his songwriting, his musical activism, his preservation of the folk music, and his dedication to the art of live performance. No one works harder at his craft than Arlo – and he deserves this honor like no one else. Son of legendary Woody Guthrie, mentored by the iconic Pete Seeger, and having shared every stage – large and small – with countless other musical greats, Arlo Guthrie had the torch of folk music passed to him because he earned it. He has countless fans around the world and dedicated followers everywhere. Arlo is America’s musical treasure. Visit Nominate Arlo Guthrie for Kennedy Center Honors on Facebook – we are a grass roots effort of Arlo’s fans to have the Kennedy Center recognize one of our own. In honor of the 45th Anniversary of Woodstock – and Arlo was playing on stage long before that with musical greats – Arlo Guthrie deserves this award for 2014.

  11. RuPaul should be a Kennedy Center Honoree! RuPaul has not only SAVED so many LGBT boys and girls from disgrace, shame, and tragedy … But RuPaul has totally INSPIRED this straight lady, from the 1980s until now, as a Person who LIVES through her heart and soul, made something out of himself, and made every girl believe –> If you can’t Love Yourself, How in the Hell you gonna Love Somebody Else? CAN I GET AN AMEN???

  12. If you want a spokeswoman for capitalism … You can look no further … RuPaul HONORS Men, Women, and Teens of America!!! When I first discovered RuPaul, we saw her on MTV … But her legend lives on … She is a woman who honors TRUE diversity and capitalism in America! RuPaul is a Real Man, and a Real Woman! And she invites us ALL to be true to the way we were born! I nominate RuPaul for the Kennedy Honors!

  13. OK..I know the public can vote and the recipients may be from another country..example Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend from the WHO..but does anyone know if the voting public can be from another country?

  14. 90 year old Dick Van Dyke would be an excellent honoree! He is an inspiring and enthusiastic person who has always shown himself to the pubic as a gentleman with a wonderful sense of humor. He is respected by many in his field and the public as well. A perfect nominee!!!

  15. My vote would be for Dick Van Dyke. He is so happy and upbeat, and makes everyone feel good. We need more like him. Well, Mr Rogers also made me happy and feel good about myself.

  16. Dick Van Dyke should receive this adware hands down. He is one of the best, honest and sincerest people I have had the pleasure of watching in his many acting roles.

  17. Dick Van Dyke!!! Oh my goodness! Did you see him on the salute to Disney last night? He was and is still amazing. He should be in the next batch of honorees. Can’t believe he has been overlooked for so long! Come on people!

  18. Arlo Guthrie for Kennedy Center Honors! Arlo is America’s treasure and a true folk music legend. No body deserves this award more. It is time the Kennedy Center rectifies its moratorium on folk music and what better way to start than honoring Arlo.

  19. Dick Van Dyke is an inspiration to everyone who has grown up with him and continues today with being as vibrant at the age of 90. He is still entertaining and making us laugh. He should be a receipient of these honors.

  20. Dick Van Dyke has been awesome for so many decades, filling our lives with smiles and good feelings. Honoring him and his important lifetime work is long overdue. Please honor him now! Thanks.

  21. To Whom It May Concern, The Allman Brother’s Band Has Never Recived The Kennedy Center Honor’s. It’s About People Making An Inpack In The Art’s And Music. Which The Allman Brother’s Have Done It’s Time. So I Vote That The Allman Brother’s Recive The Kennedy Center Honor’s. IT’S TIME… THANK’S, LAURA BOCHETTE

  22. All I Ask That You Take Into Consideration The Birth Of Southern Rock. And A Man That Can Belt Out The Blue’s Like No Other. This Come’s From My Heart I Absolutely Love The Allman Brother’s For What They Have Over Come After Losing Duane Allman And Berry Oakley Almost A Year Apart. They Banded Together As Brother’s.. God Bless Them, Laura Bochette

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