You Vote: Will Kerry Washington win the Emmy?

Look closely at Gold Derby’s chart tracking the Emmy race for Best Drama Actress and you’ll discover something curious. Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) is the only leading contender on the upswing. According to the experts’ predictions, Claire Danes (“Homeland”) and Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife”) may be ahead, but their mojo is tracking down while third-placed Kerry Washington is trending up.

Three experts boldly forecast her victory: Lynette Rice (Entertainment Weekly), Ken Tucker and me. See how she’s ranked by all of our experts here.

If she makes the official Emmy list, she’ll become only the fifth African-American woman to be nominated for Best Drama Actress.  Previous contenders: Debbie Allen (“Fame”; 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985), Alfre Woodard (“St. Elsewhere”; 1986), Regina Taylor (“I’ll Fly Away”; 1992, 1993) and Cicely Tyson (“Sweet Justice”; 1995). None has won.

Do you believe Kerry Washington will be nominated — and will win — the top Emmy? Give us your predictions below by using our easy drop-and-drag menu.


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11 thoughts on “You Vote: Will Kerry Washington win the Emmy?

  1. I watched at least 6 episodes of this show…the whole show was pretty ridiculous … I don’t think Washington was good enough to warrant a nomination personally. The only performer in the show I thought was any good was Guillermo Diaz. Jeff Perry was good too…

  2. The powers that be are not going to let a black woman win an Emmey,how many times have a black person ,even been nominated,this is still white racist america

  3. I hope not. The ABC PR machine is pushing hard. They are keeping her out there. It is only based on the popularity of the show. Not once have I read any mention of talent. Do you think her performance on that ridiculous soap opera is better than Claire Danes, Tatiana Maslany or kerri Russell? If she is nominated it will only be because she is Black. That’s all I keep reading about. Her race not talent. Just read the articles on Gold Derby. They are all about her race. Can’t find the word talent anywhere. She will be a token or charity nomination. Don’t give her a nomination because there hasn’t been a Black person nominated in a long time, give her a nomination because she is talented and deserves it. These awards are suppose to be based on outstanding performance.

  4. Stop overhyping Kerry Washington, geeze. It’s as if this site was told to push her; I saw it in the forum too.

    Kerry’s PR is totally overshadowing her performance. She got so much press coming out of Django Unchained, and she was barely in the movie. Puh=lease, we all know there are much more deserving actresses who deserve this attention.

  5. I totally agree with Anonymous and C. Brown. It’s the PR hype machine on over drive. she is seriously chasing this Emmy. On this site alone there have been at least four articles on her or the show. Wonder why that is? You don’t see any of the other actresses going over board like this. There is a difference between genuine talent vs popularity. It boggles the mind how anyone can compare her or her performance to that of Claire Danes, Tatiana Maslany or Kerri Russell for example. ABC wants the Emmy’s to make history. It would be a travesty if she were nominated let alone actually win!

  6. I think Kerry Washington deserves to win, what a miserable bunch of people, are people really still racist!! Very sad, she is brilliant, so is the show, how come they have so many viewers, tweets etc., if it was not so good? Oh well everybody has their own opinion! Mine is Kerry to win, Scandal to win and Tony Goldwyn!!

  7. None of us are racist. You need to see the performances Exeter X mentioned: Danes, Maslany, and Russell. Then, there’s Emmy Rossum who’s been great on Shameless but never gets any attention. Lamenting an actress’ PR machine and how it’s overshadowing not only her individual work on a television show as well as work by other actresses that is more deserving of Emmy consideration does not make you a racist. Yes I’m going to go there: If this was a white actress we were all complaining about no one would be calling that racist, would they? Again, this has nothing to do with race, just overhype coming from this website and elsewhere.

  8. Agree with the comments about the hype verses real talent. Kerry Washintgton doesn’t deserve to even be nominated for an Emmy. All the hype from the online and print media is to get hits and sell magazines and newspapers respectively.

  9. Enough of this woman already. She is so over exposed. She is campaigning hard for that nomination. In the past many months she has been everywhere. The whole cast has promoted the hell out of that show.
    It wouldn’t be fair if she were nominated over someone like Tatiana Maslany. Let your talent speak for itself.
    I don’t get how someone who is campaigning so hard may be nominated over others who have done an outstanding job. Her performance against the other top contenders. There really isn’t any competition. If anyone on that show is eligible it would be Bellamy Young and Jeff Perry. Not her.

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