You decide: Can any comedy series stop ‘Modern Family’ from winning fourth Emmy?

Can any show knock “Modern Family” from its throne as the reigning three-time Best Comedy Series champ at the Emmys?

All but two of our experts are predicting this ABC hit comedy to prevail again, thus tying the achievements of “All in the Family” and “Cheers.” While neither of those legendary laffers won their four Emmys consecutively, all-time champ “Frasier” owned this award for for five years running. 

 Mike Cidoni of the AP is backing the bid by ratings powerhouse “The Big Bang Theory.” And Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil expects critical darling “Louie” to win with its first nomination. 

However, our editors are divided as to which show will take this top award. Indeed, among them only David Schnelwar is predicting that “Modern Family” will make it four in a row. Three of our editors — Chris Beachum, Marcus Dixon and Matt Noble — expect 2004 champ “Arrested Development” to win for its comeback season on Netflix. And while Darrin Dortch is behind “Big Bang,” Rob Licuria loves the look of “Louie.”

And while most of our users foresee a fourth victory for “Modern Family,” a sizeable number are predicting “Girls” to win with its second bids. Also in the mix is three-time champ “30 Rock” which could get a farewell hug for its final season. 

Before predicting what will win, be sure to read our overview and handicapping of this and the other top races. And check out the charts that show the rankings and odds for all the contenders. Then head over to our prediction center to log your forecasts of the nominees. (Signing up for a free account takes just a minute.)

One thought on “You decide: Can any comedy series stop ‘Modern Family’ from winning fourth Emmy?

  1. MF has so many haters because it’s been successful. And no doubt many of the people here have only watched a few episodes this year. Granted, it’s been uneven. But MF still probably did 10 eps this year that were as good as anything in early seasons. Problem is, they did a bunch of bad ones too. The writers are getting lazy. Episodes like one where the oldest daughter goes to college — boring show ’til manipulative goodbye scene at the end. Lazy, lazy. Same with final funeral episode — seems so much like reaching for emotion without earning it. Nonethless, great episodes like Matthew Broderick show or Godfather episode show the old form. So, if they put the right six episodes in front of the voters they’re hard to. beat.

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