4 thoughts on “Poll: What do you think of the official Oscars poster?

  1. Why is the Oscar invisible? I voted “Meh,” but really, this is quite crappy. I have nothing against Seth MacFarlane, but I don’t care that he’s an Emmy-winning, now Oscar-nominated multihyphenate. That doesn’t make him qualified or suitable for hosting the Oscars.

    Perhaps Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host every award show. I had my reservations about them before the Globes, but I forgot that they are inherently funny (not just snarky) and write their own material.

  2. Completely wretched. THIS is the best poster that they could come up with for Oscar’s 85th year? This is supposed to be the “Big Daddy” of the award shows. There is nowhere near the reverence that a show of this caliber deserves. This is as bad as the poster with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin sitting on Oscar’s shoulders. If I didn’t already own the rest of the series since 2000 I wouldn’t purchase this one but I want to complete my collection. Sorry, guys. EPIC FAIL!!!!

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