‘Lincoln, ‘Les Miserables’ predicted to lead Oscar nominations

Our 28 Experts, nine Editors and almost two thousand Users have predicted the Oscar nominations, which will be announced on Thursday morning. 

They expect “Lincoln” to lead with 12 nominations while “Les Miserables” will reap 11 bids and “Life of Pi” will pick up nine nods.  

However, while they predict “Lincoln” to win six Oscars on Feb. 24 — Best Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Adapted Screenplay and Score — “Les Miserables” is forecast to claim only three awards (Supporting Actress, Production Design and Sound Mixing) and “Life of Pi” just two (Cinematography, Visual Effects). 

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Below, we break down the predicted wins and nominations per picture. (Click here to see the predicted nominees per category.)

“Lincoln” (12 nominations; 6 wins)
Wins: Picture, Director, Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), Supporting Actor (Tommy Lee Jones), Adapted Screenplay, Score

Nominations: Supporting Actress (Sally Field), Production Design, Cinematography, Costume Design, Editing, Makeup & Hair

“Les Miserables” (11 nominations; 3 wins)
Wins: Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway), Production Design, Sound Mixing

Nominations: Picture, Director, Actor (Hugh Jackman), Cinematography, Costume Design, Editing, Makeup & Hair, Song

“Life of Pi” (9 nominations; 2 wins)
Wins: Cinematography, Visual Effects

Nominations: Picutre, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Production Design, Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing

Zero Dark Thirty” (7 nominations; 2 wins)
Wins: Original Screenplay, Sound Editing

Nominations: Picture, Director, Actress (Jessica Chastain), Editing, Sound Mixing 

Silver Linings Playbook” (5 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Actress (Jennifer Lawrence)

Nominations: Picture, Actor (Bradley Cooper), Supporting Actor (Robert DeNiro), Adapted Screenplay 

Argo” (5 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Editing

Nominations: Picture, Director, Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin), Adapted Screenplay

Amour” (3 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Foreign Language Film

Nominations: Picture, Actress (Emmanuelle Riva)

Anna Karenina” (3 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Costume Design

Nominations: Production Design, Score

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (3 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Makeup & Hair

Nominations: Production Design, Visual Effects 


Skyfall” (3 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Song

Nominations: Cinematography, Sound Editing 

Brave” (2 nominations; 1 win)
Win: Animated Feature

Nomination: Song

The Master” (6 nominations)
Nominations: Supporting Actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Supporting Actress (Amy Adams), Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Score

Django Unchained” (3 nominations)
Nominations: Picture, Supporting Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), Original Screenplay

Beasts of the Southern Wild” (3 nominations)
Nominations: Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Score

The Avengers” (3 nominations)
Nominations: Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects

Moonrise Kingdom” (2 nominations)
Nominations: Picture, Original Screenplay

The Sessions” (2 nominations)
Nominations: Actor (John Hawkes), Supporting Actress (Helen Hunt)

Cloud Atlas” (2 nominations)
Nominations: Costume Design, Visual Effects 

The Dark Knight Rises” (2 nominations)
Nominations: Sound Editing, Sound Mixing 

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (1 nomination)
Nomination: Supporting Actress (Maggie Smith)

Flight” (1 nomination)
Nomination: Actor (Denzel Washington)

The Impossible” (1 nomination)
Nomination: Actress (Naomi Watts)

Rust and Bone” (1 nomination)
Nomination: Actress (Marion Cotillard)

8 thoughts on “‘Lincoln, ‘Les Miserables’ predicted to lead Oscar nominations

  1. Where you’re off is in the Sound Categories. “Les Miserables” is sure to get nominated for BOTH Sound Editing AND Sound Mixing, because of the incredible on-set live singing and how they edited it all together with the vocals and the 60 piece orchestra. So it TIES with “Lincoln.”

  2. I think Life of Pi will win score and maybe song. But Lincoln may still end up with 6 if it takes makeup over Hobbit. Hobbit, though, should get both sound nominations, while Avengers may only receive a nomination for visual. Anna Karenina should win art direction and Django should at least be nominated. Plus


  3. Lincoln is well deserving with my predictions being 13 nominations and 7 wins. This movie was a very well made and suits the time were are presently in. Go Lincoln!

  4. I believe that Lincoln will take Picture and Director but Les Mis will get Actor and Supporting Actress. DDL is good, but this is not his best performance, he has two Oscars. This is Jackman’s best performance and he has never been nominate. The Academy likes to mix things up.

  5. I believe that Les Mis takes 9 in the end (picture, actor, supp actress, production design, both sounds, costume, song and makeup). Argo winnning best director. Although I prefer Lincoln, i think les mis gonna start to go up.

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