Experts predict ‘Argo’ to win Best Picture Oscar; ‘Lincoln,’ ‘Life of Pi’ will also win three

Argo” will win Best Picture at the Oscars according to our experts, who predict three total wins out of seven nominations for Ben Affleck‘s political thriller, including Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing. “Crash” also won awards for writing and editing the year it upset “Brokeback Mountain” for Best Picture in 2005. (Click here to see a breakdown by category of the winners and potential spoilers.) 

Experts predict Oscar voters will spread the wealth, with two other films winning three apiece. “Lincoln,” which leads with 12 nominations, is the favorite to win Best Director (Steven Spielberg), Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), and Best Supporting Actor (Tommy Lee Jones). All would be repeat winners: Spielberg has won three previous awards for producing and directing, Jones also won Supporting Actor in 1993 for “The Fugitive,” and Day-Lewis would make history as the first man to win Best Actor three times.

Life of Pi,” Ang Lee‘s drama about a young man stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger, is predicted to win Best Cinematography, Best Score, and Best Visual Effects. The film is also a spoiler to win Best Director and Best Sound Mixing.

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Two other films will win two apiece. “Les Miserables” will take Best Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway) and Best Sound Mixing, and “Anna Karenina” will win Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.

Five-time nominee “Amour” is forecast only to win Best Foreign Language Film, while “Wreck-It Ralph” is expected to take Best Animated Feature — it would be the first non-Pixar Disney film to do so — and “Searching for Sugar Man” is the frontrunner for Best Documentary Feature.

Silver Linings Playbook” gets best odds to win one of its eight nominations (Best Actress for Jennifer Lawrence), while Quentin Tarantino is expected to win his second screenwriting Oscar, for “Django Unchained.”

6 thoughts on “Experts predict ‘Argo’ to win Best Picture Oscar; ‘Lincoln,’ ‘Life of Pi’ will also win three

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  3. Argo is only getting awards because Hollywood is in love with itself and movies made about movies (or even fake ones in this case.) Such lackluster choices are very unbecoming of such a tremendous year for cinema. Where are the nominations for movies like The Grey, Jesus Henry Christ and Killing them Softly? Read about the Top 10 Movies of 2012 with reviews and other honorable mentions at

  4. Brandt is correct with the remark that Hollywood executives are in love with themselves. The truth is out of all of the nominees Argo is nothing more than a comfortable choice to win over all of the other nominated films. This is because Lincoln is considered too boring, Silver Lining Playbook is a romantic comedy, and lets face it romantic comedies do not win, Life of Pi is too different, Les Mes is a musical and Zero Dark Thirty is too controversal. As for the other four nominees lets be honest they are nothing more than just fillers. If the Academy voting members were actually selecting the best movie of the year it should be Zero Dark Thirty. This movie was a outstanding follow-up to Katheryn Bigalow’s 2009 win of The Hurt Locker and her absense from the Best Director Category is just as much as an outrage as Ben Affleck’s absense from the same category. The ladder reason is the other real reason behind Argo more than likely being named Picture of the year. Aside from it being a movie about Hollywood filming a fake movie to rescue Americans held hostage in Iran way back in 1979, its momentium is additionally because of Ben Affleck not being nominated in the Best Director category. A snub that is being looked at with more attention, in regards to Bigalow’s snub as Bigalow has won before and Affleck has not; and at least deserved to be nominated.

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