Who is most deserving of an honorary Oscar? [Poll]

We are just a few weeks away from learning who will be receiving honorary Oscars this year. Who do you think is most overdue to be added to this honor roll? Vote in the poll below and add your thoughts to the lively debate in our forums here

Since the academy shifted these honorary kudos from the telecast to a separate non-televised ceremony four years ago, they have feted 15 people. 

In 2009, honorary Oscars went to actress Lauren Bacall, cinematographer Gordon Willis and producer Roger Corman while studio executive John Calley received the Thalberg Award.

In 2010, honorary Oscars were bestowed on actor Eli Wallach, filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and film historian Kevin Brownlow while Francis Ford Coppola was given the Thalberg.

In 2011, honorary Oscars were awarded to actor James Earl Jones and makeup pioneer Dick Smith while TV personaility Oprah Winfrey was given the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Last year, the academy snubbed on-screen talent entirely with honorary Oscars going to stuntman turned director Hal Needham, documentarian D.A. Pennebaker and director/producer George Stevens, Jr. while studio exec Jeffrey Katzenberg received the Hersholt. 

The selection process is fairly straightforward. Members of the board of governors put forth suggestions, with each of the top choices then voted on individually. Honorees must receive support from at least half of those on the board. The usual limit is three honorees. For a fourth person to be named, he or she needs to garner two-thirds of the votes.

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Who do you think is most deserving of this honor? Cast your ballot in the poll below. 

16 thoughts on “Who is most deserving of an honorary Oscar? [Poll]

  1. There are all excellent choices who should probably get the honor at some point or another. In terms of who is deserving based on how the Oscars have snubbed shoe-in roles (The “we’re sorry” version they often give out) I have to go with Angela Lansbury. I mean, HOW does she not win for the Manchurian Candidate!? Its odd that she’s tied for most Tonys ever, yet has yet to prevail at the Academy awards, and lost the Emmy for Murder She Wrote each time, despite being nominated EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Fletcher4life.

  2. On this Kennedy Center Honors list also:Bob Newhart,George Lucas,Cicely Tyson,Barry Manilow,Berry Gordy,Jr,;and Herb Alpert.They also have the right to be part of the selection for this honor.Istill think they should selct my very number one choice………..Jerry Lewis!!!!!!

  3. Of all the people mentioned here I actually have to go with Doris Day. 39 films and gross profits in her films that rival the big hitters of today. This woman worked HARD for the money!

  4. Doris Day. She STILL holds box office records and has appeared in upper of thirty films. It’s disgusting to me that she hasn’t gotten this already! Love you DD

  5. how about Julie Andrews? she should definitely be at least nominated next time, she’s a legend and only has one Oscar, and she deserves at least two more: for Sound of Music and Victor Victoria. SOM changed Hollywood forever and Victor Victoria is truly an Oscar deserving role 🙂

  6. how about a posthumous one for Natalie Wood, as long as the “ex” isn’t able to accept and instead Natalie’s daughter Natasha Gregson or Natalie’s sister Lana Wood

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