Poll: Will next year’s Oscars be in January, February or March?

The motion picture academy is heading for a major scheduling headache as next year’s calendar is filling up with high profile events. (Help them out by voting in the poll at the bottom of this post.)

Every Sunday in February 2014 already has a major sporting event taking place. The Super Bowl is Feb. 2. And the Winter Olympics run from Feb. 7 to 23. 

Since the Oscars moved up to February in 2004, there have been two Olympics and in both those years (2006, 2010), the academy shifted the kudocast back to March. 

But is that too late for the academy, which wants to hold the Oscars before the onset of awards fatigue. 

This year, the academy used electronic voting for the first time and was able to move up the date for the announcement of Oscar nominations by five days to Jan. 10. Then, after one of the longest waits (29 days) ever to cast final ballots — beginning Feb. 8 for 10 days — the ceremony took place on Feb. 24, 45 days after nominations were revealed. Ratings were up, though much of that boost could be due to the box office success of the Best Picture contenders.

Oscar nomination ballots had been due Jan. 3. Some of this year’s guild nominees, usually a reliable signpost of Oscar nominations, were announced after that due date. The actors, producers, writers and art directors did get in before the cut-off. 

Next year, the Screen Actors Guild is scheduled to hand out its honors on Jan. 18 (a Saturday). This year, the SAG Awards were Jan. 27, with the nominations having been announced 46 days earlier on Dec. 12. That early announcement could come even sooner. 

Next year’s Producers Guild awards will take place on Jan. 19 (a Sunday). This year, the PGA announced nominations 24 days (Jan. 2) before the Jan. 26 ceremony. Sticking to that timetable means next year’s noms should be revealed on Dec. 26

The Directors Guild awards will be on Jan. 25 (a Saturday) at the Hollywood/Highland complex in the room in which Governors Ball is held following the Oscars. That all but rules out the Oscars being held on Jan. 26. In addition, the Grammys are likely to land there due to that spate of sport in February. 

This year, the DGA waited till Feb. 2 to have their awards, 25 days after nominees were unveiled on Jan. 8. Following this calendar, the DGA nominations would come out on Dec. 31. 

The Oscars moved to Sunday in 1999 after being on Monday for decades. Sticking with that next year would mean an Oscarcast on Jan. 5 or Jan. 12. Is that feasible or desirable? Will they shift to another day of the week in January or stay with Sunday and wait till March 2? 

10 thoughts on “Poll: Will next year’s Oscars be in January, February or March?

  1. It is ridiculous to keep pushing the nominations for any of the awards into December. At least give the audience a mild chance to see these films. Nominate in Mid January, Vote in Mid February, Award in early March.

  2. The Oscars to broadcast early to avoid award show fatigue. Um, does it matter when it is? I mean, late February or early March, the fatigue won’t be affected by that.

  3. This is really going to go screw over some end of the year films again. I’m sure a lot of the big films just can’t be moved up because the studios want the big Christmas holiday release date. I hope they wait until March. Then again if they do it in January, it’s sure going to make things interesting for Oscar prognosticators. But a March ceremony would give more time for end of the year films to have a chance with nominations and campaigning.

  4. Is there a way that Sasha Stone be banned or removed as a an expert on gold derby as she has shown personal bias on the 2012 oscars! She has been demeaning the other nominees not named Lincoln especially Argo and its director and producers! She is such a blemish on this blog/site!

  5. Hey it’s my birthday. I want a nice present and since I was born on Mar 2, 1944 during the Oscars, I think celebrating my 70th on Mar 2, 2014 is just about right.

  6. that housewife Sasha Stone is one laughable oscar “pundit” who has contradictions and fence-sitter painted all over her website – first stop, the site’s logo which say “the trick is not minding” when in fact she and that minion of hers, ryan adams, do mind a LOT! next, her laughable attempts at making “philosophical” essays about movies and relating them to bigger concepts and themes when in all probability the director was just hoping to make a good entertaining movie.. notice her over-reaching “analysis’ of lincoln and relating it to the presidential elections and the current american president who happens to be black. next is her various explanations as to why a movie or performance will or will not win based on her silly attempts at churning out oscar statistics. next is her, just like Sis said, is her obvious bias for certain films and putting down other films – case in point her long standing grudge against the King’s Speech which gives her ample space to mention again her oscar pony for that season – the social network. another is her hilarious push for Charlie Wilson’s War just because it was written by Aaron Sorkin which she also likes, she even mentioned his latest television series which most critics panned. and then her delusions when sometimes you can notice she sees herself in some of the characters she likes and hopes that she was like that character – case in point, lisbeth salamander or something and her push for TGWTDT for best picture, a fincher girl if you saw one. Sasha Stone is a joke – attempting to be a profound oscar pundit – lambasting hollywood and the academy for always getting it wrong and so on when in fact she inadvertently craves to be part of hollywood in some way. why so serious girl? you’re way in over your head in predicting the oscars when in fact you consider it just a congratulatory pat on the back by hollywood on themselves and shouldn’t be taken seriously! you should be more like tom o’neil who knows how to have fun and doesn’t consider it as an all important “occupation” hilarious really!

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