Oscars shocking snubs: Carrey, Gere & Willis among 40 stars never nominated [Gallery]

Despite a long and distinguished acting career dating back to the 1950s, Christopher Plummer had to wait until he was 80 before he reaped his first Oscar bid in 2009 for his supporting performance in “The Last Station.” Two years later, he became the oldest-ever Academy Award winner when he picked up the Supporting Actor trophy for his performance in “Beginners.”

That gives hope to the roster of talent still waiting to be nominated by the academy, including another veteran actor, Donald Sutherland, who starred in the 1980 Best Picture champ “Ordinary People” which won Oscars for helmer Robert Redford and supporting actor Timothy Hutton.  

Among those others who have been snubbed by the Oscars are a slew of Golden Globe champs including Jim Carrey, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant as well as those touted by the critics (Kevin Bacon, Mia Farrow, Steve Martin, Matthew McConaughey) or embraced by moviegoers (Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis).

Below, take a tour through our photo gallery featuring 40 famous folk still waiting to be recognized by the Oscars.

3 thoughts on “Oscars shocking snubs: Carrey, Gere & Willis among 40 stars never nominated [Gallery]

  1. No mention of Guy Pearce? His performances in Memento and LA Confidential seemed a lot more in the Academy’s wheelhouse than a majority of the roles Dunst, Crystal, Broderick, Moore, and several others were up for.

  2. let them give it all to george clooney for whom I can’t consider any credits any more. let it all be for angelina jolie. I have no more respect for the Oscars. A Separation got the best foreign picture’s award two years ago. it still beats me WHAT was there so dramatically interesting in that movie? I, as an Iranian, pretty much loved it. Sure I wa glad too when I heard it won the Oscars. but I still wonder WHY. when George clooney devours it all, I am never going to expect that such a talent, such a gift as Richard gere would be going to win it.
    this even has sadly turned out to be political just as is the same case for the Iranian event Fajr Film Festival, who cares?

  3. I was just watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight. It still makes me angry Carrey got snubbed for that. What a great movie. Carrey definitely proved himself as a serious actor there.

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