Will this year’s Oscars be a spooky rerun of 2006?

When Ellen DeGeneres takes to the stage of the Dolby Theatre as Oscar host in March, the experience may seem eerily familiar to her. And it won’t just be because she previously emceed the 2006 Academy Awards. Rather, she may see many of the same faces sitting in the audience now as then since a number of nominees from back could contend again. 

The Best Actress lineup could well include three ladies who lost the race back then to Helen Mirren (“The Queen”) — Judi Dench, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet — as well as 2006 supporting nominee Cate Blanchett while the supporting actress roster may include 2006 lead actress contender Penelope Cruz

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Likewise, the 2006 Best Actor champ Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”) could contend again for the first time since with “The Butler” as could also-rans Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling

And Best Director winner Martin Scorsese (“The Departed”) could be in the running to pick up a bookend with “The Wolf of Wall Street” while helmer Paul Greengrass (“United 93) is hoping for his first win with “Captain Phillips.”   

To  take a closer look at the 2006 contenders most likely to reap repeat bids, click the arrow to the right of the photo below. 

2 thoughts on “Will this year’s Oscars be a spooky rerun of 2006?

  1. If this really WAS a repeat of 2006, we’d be seeing a LOT more returning winners than just Scorsese & Forest Whitaker. Helen Mirren would spoil all those women’s dreams of naked golden guys yet again, and Alan Arkin would be back — hey, it took less time for Christoph Waltz to repeat. And Jennifer Hudson’s return? That was Anne Hathaway last year, with her Oscar-hosting debacle subbing for JHud’s Idol stumble, but otherwise winning by nailing an iconic Broadway song just like JHud.

  2. And let’s NOT forget that it was still the Kodak (not Dolby) Theatre the last time Paul Greengrass was invited. But then Tom Hanks is back too, gunning for not only the second three-time Best Actor title but ALSO only the second Oscar for playing a real-life Oscar winner — Walt Disney, who still has more Oscars than any other individual. (The other is Blanchett’s Oscar for portraying Oscar’s winningest actor, Katharine Hepburn; she was also nommed for playing Bob Dylan, who won BOS just over a decade ago.)

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