Tom O’Neil says this great Oscars show deserves an Emmy! (Naysayers, ‘Argo’ f**k-yourselves)

Seth MacFarlane was more than just a very good Oscars emcee, he was one of the great ones, methinks – and producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron staged a bravura telecast worthy of an Emmy.

When creating this show, they did something shrewd – they threw out most of the film clips that usually clutter an Oscarcast and added live entertainment. Yes, they added too many old-school song-and-dance numbers that must’ve left gum-snapping hipsters wondering why Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were singing “Oops” about a rubber plant while hoofing with Seth. But most of those numbers were a blast, even the silly one about boobs

This show was full of unabashed silliness, featuring sock puppets flying high on whiskey and dangling Seth from a ceiling as a Flying Nun. When it opted to get serious, it did so with class and bravado (Babs crooning In Memoriam, Michelle Obama bestowing Best Picture). And even when Craig and Neil restaged “Chicago,” it had apt significance obviously missed upon critics who accused them of inserting brazen self-promotion that didn’t belong in the ceremony. Nonsense. Craig and Neil were holding a giant Oscar I.O.U. that they decided to redeem on the show 10 years after they got cheated out of Oscar statuettes that they should’ve received when “Chicago” won Best Picture.

That’s why we love the Oscars. They are full of fascinating backstories and inside jokes. My favorite gags included Seth touting “Argo” as a story “so top secret that the film’s director is unknown to the Academy.” And how he ribbed Daniel Day-Lewis about always staying in character during the filming of movies like “Lincoln”: “So when you saw a cell phone [on set], would you have to go, ‘Oh my God, what’s that? If you bumped into Don Cheadle on the studio lot, did you try to free him?”

19 thoughts on “Tom O’Neil says this great Oscars show deserves an Emmy! (Naysayers, ‘Argo’ f**k-yourselves)

  1. You’re totally alone on this Tom. Everyone else seems to agree that was one of the WORST Oscar shows of all time. Almost all the production decisions AND MacFarlane’s hosting were godawful.

    That said, I hope you do a podcast where you make Tariq Khan swallow some humble pie after all that cocksure swagging he did to you about Riva and De Niro winning.

  2. I loved this year’s Oscars! I usually hate all the other stuffy things they show. I was grateful for a new perspective on what is usually boring! Thank you, Seth MacFarlane!

  3. Mr O’Neill, this is pure supercilious pomposity on your part. You predicted that the show was going to be great and you are too proud to admit you were wrong. Mr MacFarlane never gave anyone watching the show any credit. He always had to comment on the humor all the time. For example, The Sound of Music joke was funny until he had to scoff at himself and say “Well there’s that joke”. Why? What ever happened to the purity of comedy. Things can never just be funny anymore, they always have to edgy. I can’t believe you fell into that trap, especially after predicting the winners so well this year.

  4. I am just going to pass this off as a joke — Oscar IOU my ass. It was shameless self-promotion of some shit they did a decade ago.

  5. Yeah, that “We Saw Your Boobs” song name-checking nudity from films portraying rape like “The Accused” and “Boys Don’t Cry” was really hysterical and silly. What a classic Oscar moment that was. Ugh.

  6. Tom Oneil is a joke who can’t admit he is wrong. That show was silly immature and self indulgent. Cutting off artist’s moment they work their ass of for by playing jaws?

    Bring back Bill Condon, Hugh Jackman


  7. I’m with you, Tom. I think it’s chances of winning an Emmy are pretty good right now. I liked it a lot. And judging from all the grades I’ve been seeing online, the consensus seems to be the show was a solid “B”, so the complainers are in a small minority whether they choose to believe it or not. For some reason, those complainers who want to criticize Macfarlane and the show seem to think their opinions are the only ones that matter and want to look down on people who liked it. We go through this every year, you know, where a small crowd of people come out and proclaim it “the worst Oscars ever with the worst host ever.” Some people just get off on vocally disliking things and being unhappy. Nothing could please them. Those people think it’s fun to suck the joy out of everything, like it makes them the cool kids in the class to put everything down and just in general be awful human beings to others.

  8. I thought that Seth did a great job, especially since the direction of the musical numbers and award announcements were just awful. The directors of the show sucked, but Seth was able to deliver. Snobs like these people commenting are too pompous and conceited to lighten up and realize that the Oscars are in desperate need a revamp in terms of production and youth, and I think Seth MacFarlane helped take a large leap in the right direction.

  9. MacFarlane’s opening 10 minutes were great. The fact is that when it comes to Oscar presenting you can’t please everyone. This he pointed out early, and in a funny, original way.

  10. While I actually enjoyed Seth and his self-effacing humor but as much as it pains me to say it, being a movie musical lover, every time the movie musical numbers came the show screeched to a halt leaving me wondering, what was the point. Catherine, bless her, was not in Velma dancing spirits, nor was Jennifer Hudson bringing Effie White, Bassie, amazing as she is, never let loose and Adele (love her!) has given better performances. The bond montage just hung in the air and for some reason a lot of the deliveries were completely off. I think the direction was an utter mess (no where more evident than when Ben Affleck presented an award). I’d be fine with Seth coming back, he worked over time as a host, but the directors shouldn’t.

    Pity the fool who thinks otherwise.

  11. I definately agree with you. I enjoyed the show a lot. There were quite many things you could have done better, especially when it comes to that what the cameras are showing, but all together I thought it was very nice and most importantly funny.

  12. I confess I laughed at the sock puppet video.

    Seth was very good but the show could have been tightened a bit. The 18 minute opening monologue could have been just as funny at 10 minutes.

    The highlight for me was the Les Miserable cast singing their socks off. How the organisers managed to get the entire cast to perform. Shame Scarlett Johanssen and the Life of Pi singers didn’t get to sing their oscar nominated songs.

  13. I think that if you get a not only a host but also favorite nominees that young audiences enjoy, it’s almost sure that you’ll succeed. seth was really entertaining and winners like ben affleck, christoph waltz, jennifer lawrence, anne hathaway and tarantino help a LOT with audiences that usually doesn’t care about these awards. Congratulations to the oscar producers.

  14. Enjoyed the show particularly the Les Mis cast proving why all the fans were so furious with the critics tearing apart a great film, but it will be around for decades so no longer important. Seth was okay, but Shatner bit could have been cut in half. The boob ditty was funny but maybe without the film clips since most featured violence against women … not good. Most of Seth’s jokes were fine but a little stand up training to not laugh at his own humor. All in all better than the average if not the best show ever.

  15. Consider me one who enjoyed the night, as uneven and unrehearsed as some of it seemed. We knew what we were getting into when they announced Seth was hosting! Hosting the Oscars is always a lose-lose deal – you can’t please everyone and there’s always griping about it. My biggest complaint is the lack of reaction shots…inexcusable! Even audience shots were kept to a minimum! We’re watching to star-gaze, too! There also should have more clips of the great Hollywood musicals of the past, not just from the last 10 years. As for the winners, we have to understand that the voters don’t all huddle into one room or get on a conference call to pick the nominees and winners….we hope they do it with their hearts (though we know they’re nudged by the campaigning).

    I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I though “Argo” was the most thrilling picture of the year. It’s what most people go to the movies for – to be entertained. And it did its job…for me. Maybe not for you. And that’s okay.

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