Shocking Oscar nominations snubs: Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow,Tom Hooper

Proving that we Oscar forecasters can’t always tell which way the wind is blowing, the Academy Awards gave the cold shoulder to a number of seemingly strong contenders. (See complete list of nominees here)

The most notable omission in the top race is “The Master,” which reaped three acting bids. Also MIA are three blockbusters with critical cred: “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” and “Skyfall.” (Read report on nominations here)

The directing lineup is missing three of the DGA nominees — Ben Affleck (“Argo“), Kathryn Bigelow (“Zero Dark Thirty“) and Tom Hooper (“Les Miserables“) — as well as another helmer of one of the nine Best Picture nominees, Quentin Tarantino (“Django Unchained“). 

Snubbed save for a makeup/hair nod was “Hitchcock” which stars Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. And “Anna Karenina,” Joe Wright‘s third film with Keira Knightley picked up just four creative bids. 

Anna Karenina
“Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
“The Impossible”
“The Sessions”

Ben Affleck, “Argo
Paul Thomas Anderson, “The Master
Wes Anderson, “Moonrise Kindgom”
Kathryn Bigelow, “Zero Dark Thirty
Tom Hooper, “Les Miserables
Peter Jackson, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”
Ben Lewin,”The Sessions”
John Madden, “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
Christopher Nolan, “The Dark Knight Rises”
Quentin Tarantino, “Django Unchained
Joe Wright, “Anna Karenina”
Robert Zemeckis, “Flight” 

Ben Affleck, “Argo”
Jamie Foxx, “Django Unchained”
Richard Gere, “Arbitrage”
Jake Gyllenhaal, “End of Watch”
John Hawkes, “The Sessions”
Tom Holland, “The Impossible”
Anthony Hopkins, “Hitchcock
Bill Murray, “Hyde Park on the Hudson”
Jean Louis Trintignant, “Amour”

Marion Cotillard, “Rust and Bone”
Judi Dench, “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
Helen Mirren, “Hitchcock”
Keira Knightley, “Anna Karenina”
Laura Linney, “Hyde Park on the Hudson”
Maggie Smith, “Quartet”
Rachel Weisz, “The Deep Blue Sea”

Leonardo DiCaprio, “Django Unchained”
Russell Crowe, “Les Miserables”
Dwight Henry, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”
Samuel L. Jackson, “Django Unchained”
William H. Macy, “The Sessions”
Matthew McConaughey, “Magic Mike”
Eddie Redmayne, “Les Miserables”
James Spader, “Lincoln”

Samantha Barks, “Les Miserables”
Emily Blunt, “Looper”
Helena Bonham Carter, “Les Miserables”
Scarlett Johannson, “Hitchcock” 
Nicole Kidman, “The Paperboy”
Kelly Reilly, “Flight”
Maggie Smith, “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

8 thoughts on “Shocking Oscar nominations snubs: Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow,Tom Hooper

  1. Very surprised that both Kathryn Bigalow and Ben Afflack were not nominated for Best Director, but over all pleased with the nominations for everything else.

  2. The incredibly convoluted voting system is the reason why we’re getting such weird noms and snubs. Voters shouldn’t have to kick themselves so hard into ranking their picks knowing only one of them will get their support. A preferential points system would be much better (#1 = 5 points, #2 = 4 points, etc.) since every pick would get a little smth and voters would be truly encouraged to fill their ballots completely.

  3. I agree that there certainly were some snubs but seriously, most of the names on this list are most certainly NOT snubs. The above reads much more like somebody’s wish list. Here are the biggest snubs to me personally: No director nom for Affleck, Bigelow or Hooper and no cinematography nom for Les Miserables. There are a couple of other spots in the list that one could argue they should have done this or that but in my humble opinion (not that anyone cares) those are the truly genuine “snubs”. On the positive side it is so nice to see such a great movie as “Silver Linings Playbook” get such attention. Shame on the Golden Globes for no Robert Dinero nom!

  4. @ PJ…I don’t know…I think we might be laughing at the reasons Weinstein gives about why Bradley Cooper deserves to win over Daniel day-Lewis in his attempt to win Best Picture.

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